etragedy's Superman: Birthright #6 - Remains of Krypton review

A Poor, Sensationalist Version of Superman's Origin


#9: 'Birthright'

A large chunk of this issue has Lois angry about how Perry White spins the news in a sensationalist way rather than a more accurate one. I find this amusing given that I have the same complaint against this comic.

Let's start with that cover with the skulls with the long pointy tongues and armor and stuff - yeah, that all has nothing to do with this issue. Nothing.

Then we have a story that totally screws up the characterization. At one point Luthor in front of two top reporters from the top news source in the world mind you, shows a movie he commissioned of Superman being gorily dismembered while he provides musical accompaniment by singing "Dem Bones". He comes across more like a psychopathic looney like The Joker than the cold, calculating Lex Luthor.

Meanwhile, Leinil F. Yu's artwork continues to be sketchy (literally) at best. One particularly bad panel has a flashback to Luthor bing ridiculed in school by what looks like Sluggo from the Nancy comic strip.

It does have it's moments. Perry White's legal pad with reasons to keep vs. fire Lois Lane is hilarious, and a brief scene of banter in the lobby of Lexcorp is also amusing. But these small glimmers of good are not enough to counterbalance all the bad.

Bottom line: Birthright does not get Superman's birth right.

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