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Lois and Clark visit Luthor at the massive towers that form his corporate headquarters, which are still under construction. Luthor greets them both, but when Clark extends his hand as if they are old acquaintances, Luthor coldly dismisses it. He claims to have never met him. Luthor presses a button on the console in his desk and the room transforms into a holographic theater. Luthor asserts that he is first and foremost an astrobiologist, and describes many lucrative LexCorp inventions that were designed solely on his theories of possible space life. He then pulls up images of Superman and makes an official statement; Superman is not of this Earth.

When Clark asks for his proof, Luthor promises everything will be made clear, just before showing images of Superman on an autopsy table, being sawn open by scientists. A sickened Lois takes Clark by the hand and they leave Luthor alone in his holo-theater.

Clark reports Luthor's findings to Perry, who orders he write it up. Clark protests, knowing that the revelation that Superman is an alien will drive people away and points out that they have no real proof. Perry insists, saying Luthor is the leading authority on this matter, which is proof enough.







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A Poor, Sensationalist Version of Superman's Origin 0

COMIC VINE'S TOP 100 SUPERMAN STORIES reviewed!#9: 'Birthright'A large chunk of this issue has Lois angry about how Perry White spins the news in a sensationalist way rather than a more accurate one. I find this amusing given that I have the same complaint against this comic.Let's start with that cover with the skulls with the long pointy tongues and armor and stuff - yeah, that all has nothing to do with this issue. Nothing.Then we have a story that totally screws up the characterization. At on...

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