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Steelhorn's first appearance in 2000 AD #127, art by Brendan McCarthy

Steelhorn appears in the 2000AD story - ABC Warriors.

An ABC Warrior hero, who was idolised by the other droids as the one who defeated the Volgan Marshall and in so doing ended the Volgan War. The war over, Steelhorn was sent to a demob camp for reprogramming for life as a civilian. Duped by their human masters the droids there, including the war hero, found themselves shoved into a furnace a cheaper alternative to reprogramming.

Steelhorn though was made from a combination of indestructible alloys and although he was reduced to a melted semi-liquid state, the Mess, he survived. He was rescued by Hammerstein’s ABC unit and was carried in a vacuum flask by the simple Mongrol who was the only one of the robots able to understand him. He carried nothing himself other than a deep hatred for mankind and an undying thirst for revenge.

In the end, the Mess fused itself to the electrical nervous system of George, a massive robot, who's original purpose was to help with the terra-forming of the surface of Mars. The Mess connected George's five brains turning the stupid and unco-ordinated robot, who had until this point had wandered across Mars being ridiculed by the settlers, into a very formidible walking tank which was intent in teaching them the error of their ways!

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