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A graduate of the German Navel academy at sixteen years of age, "Skippy" as she is known in Night flight, is a military genius who when pushed in the direction of a desk job in the German high command, (Instead of what she wanted to do - FLY),  decided it was not for her went - A.W.O.L. and Joined Night flight - a mercenary criminal organization who flies for the highest bidder.


Able to speak four languages fluently, (two known - English and German.), she had graduated from the academy with the highest honors possible.   
     Based on "feats" she has thought circles around almost everyone who she comes up against, laying plans and getting results in regards to anything she wants.  On three separate occasions she has maneuvered her organization that she belonged to into a position to scoop up Kevin Koss without the the leader of Night flight catching on until after the fact.   In two of those situations she candidly let Kevin Koss know that not only had she orchestrated these events but she had also figured out how  Kevin would get away, then did nothing to stop him AFTER telling him why he was caught in the first place.
          Speaking on “Feats”   She is the only person shown in the Gold Digger Universe who can hold her own against Kevin "Ace" Koss in fighter craft.


She has shown a complete understanding of physics in regards to flight and all things avionic, Able to do amazing things when piloting that others would be hard pressed to duplicate. She has destroyed runways in one pass using minimal weaponry, flown / fought in an unknown number of craft as an expert and even in the rare time she loses has come out unscathed.  


1.          Friends - None reported as of this writing but she has many who know and respect her - and act like her friends to keep her centered as the premier Ace  of Night Flight. Her "Boss" Dark Bird, ( Roxy Rabinowitz ) has made it a point to try to keep "Skippy" happy and offer her everything she could want  - which explains her lack of anger in regards to being manipulated into catching Kevin Koss more than once. Everyone else seems to treat her with kit gloves even though she is shown to be anything but fragile.  
2.         Romance – Even though Dark Bird has thrown many a pilot in Night flight at Skippy, Skipper only wants one man, Kevin Koss.  She believed at one point that the only way to prove that they were made for each other was to beat him in air combat.  Currently  she is using trickery, guile, and death threats against innocents to force Kevin to come to her.

3.         Personality – Most of the time Skippy   emotes a bubbling empty-headed blond facade that completely disguises the genius within, possibly a coping mechanism to allow her to be perceived as "normal" to most around her. 
     The Brilliant military tactician only comes out as needed when flying a jet or planning an offensive in regards to what she wants.  
     She appears to be inherently of good nature and a strong sense of right and wrong, even though she belongs to a criminal organization. 
    She is currently focused on two things, Flying and Kevin Koss. 

Marry me or else,...

Skippy is a person who is not above killing to get what she wants.  
      As of this writing the situation has come to a head.  She had forced Ace to give his word to marry her by threatening to kill hostages of a failed attempt to take over Nightflights flying fortress the Gull Wing. Penny Pincher challenged Skippy to an Dog fight for Kevin Koss. Whomever lost  would "ditch" Kevin and move on. Skippy accepted,.. and it would have been an easy win for her - except she had to break off to defend the Gull Wing, and it cost her her plane and the match against Penny, (Who got a free pass from night flight for assisting in the rescue of the Gull Wing.) Currently Skippy is leaving  Ace to Penny in the belief that Penny does love Ace.

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