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Ships or airplanes attempting to approach his boat would soon sink into the waters. The attempts of Aquaman to approach where thwarted first by a suddenly appearing whirlpool and then by the sea water in the area starting to boil.  
Aquaman soon realized that the "curse" only befell vehicles or individuals visible from the house-boat itself. Approaching it from below produced no effect. Invading the houseboat, Arthur discovered advanced machinery responsible for the incidents of the curse. The "Hermit" controlled them and also had a few companions. They were members of a former pirate crew, keeping themselves isolated from the rest of humanity until the statute of limitations on their crimes expired.  
The story had a significant weakness. The pirates kept themselves confined in close quarters, isolated from the world and with no form of entertainment. Aquaman is resolved to get them to prison. But they had already imprisoned themselves.

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