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The gang from Riverdale are transported to a magical kingdom of fairy tales after Archie unlocks a book that he finds in the forest. By being transported there, the entire gang switch places with fairy tale characters who are transferred to Earth - Archie becomes Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, Jughead becomes Old King Cole, Dilton becomes William Tell, Reggie becomes the Big Bad Wolf, Betty becomes Red Riding Hood, Moose and Midge become the characters from the Prince and the Frog, Sabrina becomes the magic mirror and Veronica becomes Snow White. After the worlds are let back to normal, Archie must find the key to stop the flow of magical water from the mirror between the two which will revert things to normal. As he searches for the key, the other fairy tale characters return and fight for their roles back. Archie eventually finds the key but needs to be rescued by Tinker Bell. After he rescues her he switches things back but then finds that she is a new student at his school the following day.


Sabrina is an average teenage girl, who happens to be a witch. She is a very smart girl, and gets good grades in school. Because of her magic powers her common sense is usually clouded. Sabrina lives with her aunts - Hilda and Zelda. She cannot see her mother face-to-face, if she does her mother will turn into a ball of wax. Sabrina's cat Salem, was actually was a very powerful warlock, but because of his plans to take over the world he was sentenced to 100 years as a cat. Like a normal teenage girl Sabrina has gone through plenty of love interests, but one person that seems to stay in her heart throughout the whole story arc is Harvey Kinkle, a stereotypical jock who is not to bright, but has a loving, compassionate side to him. Sabrina's cousin Esmeralda, or Amanda in the television series, Is a bratty little girl, who originally did not like Sabrina, but grew to love and cherish her older cousin. Sabrina has encountered many witches throughout her life, some good, some bad.

Powers and Abilities

Sabrina was 16 when she gained her natural ability for magic, and was generally skeptical about her new abilities. She was new to magic, and a little irresponsible. She learned how to control her powers in a generally short amount of time, and has since then learned to control her powers with great skill.

In Other Media

The first animated appearance was in 1970. Voiced by Jane Webb.

In 1999 to 2000, there was Sabrina: The Animated Series. She was voiced by Emily Hart (Melissa Joan Hart's little sister.).

Before the animated series took place, Sabrina appeared in a TV-Movie called Sabrina: Friends Forever. She was voiced by Britt McKillip.

McKillip reprised her role for a continuation-spinoff after The Animated series called Sabrina's Secret Life in 2003 to 2004.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch TV Series

Sabrina Spellman is portrayed by Melissa Joan Hart in this television series which aired from 1996 to 2003. Sabrina Spellman was born to Edward Spellman and Diane (Becker) on September 27 1980. Her father is a witch, and her mother is a mortal which makes Sabrina half-mortal, half-witch. Sabrina is depicted as an average 5’2 female, with blue eyes. She has blonde hair for the majority of the series, while she does dye it red in the fifth season.

Season 1

Zelda, Hilda & Sabrina

Sabrina Spellman is your average teenage girl, who has just moved into the victorian home of her aunts, Hilda and Zelda Spellman. Sabrina is now living with her aunts because her parents have recently divorced, her mother moving to Peru and her father is in the foreign service. On her 16 birthday she finds out that she has magical powers. These magical powers mean she cannot see her mother, or she will turn into a ball of wax. When Sabrina learns of her magic, she also finds out that her aunts’ cat, Salem can talk and is actually a 500-year old warlock, named Salem Saberhagen, who was sentenced to live as a cat for 100 years, as punishment for criminal acts in the Other Realm. Although Salem and Sabrina often argue, they develop a great friendship. Sabrina Spellman Attends Westbridge High, where she develops friendships with both Jenny Kelly and Harvey Kinkle. Sabrina faces the difficulties of being a normal teenager, including being constantly bullied by head cheerleader, Libby Chessler, mixed with the added troubles of being a new witch.

Season 2

Sabrina & Quizmaster

At the beginning of the second season, Sabrina turns 17. On her 17 birthday she finds out that she must receive her witches license. A Quizmaster is assigned to help Sabrina prepare for the magical exam. She fails her first test, and as punishment she must attend Witch Boot Camp. In the meantime, Sabrina and Harvey’s relationship has matured to that of a boyfriend/girlfriend status, and she soon meets, and befriends Valerie Birkhead, a new student at Westbridge High. Libby continues to hassle Sabrina, along with the new Vice-Principal, Willard Kraft. Their attempts at making high school miserable for Sabrina are often bettered by Sabrina’s magical wit. Sabrina has her magic stripped by the Witches Council in the Season finale, and is able to see her mother once again. The removal of her magic ends up beings a test, which enables th council to see that there are things more important to Sabrina than her magic. She receives her Witches “Learners Permit”, and will have to face yet another year of quizzes before she can obtain her full witches license.

Season 3

Sabrina meets a half witch, named Dashiell, and thinks she may have feelings for him and is faced with choosing between the new Dashiell, and Harvey. Soon Sabrina receives her witches license, but it is magically locked and she must follow clues to discover her family secret in order to unlock it. During her quest for her family secret, she used a spell which reveals that she loves Harvey. Many magical family members visit Sabrina throughout the season, giving her clues to help her solve her family secret. The secret is revealed to be “Every member of the Spellman family is born with a twin”. After this secret is revealed Sabrina goes on trial against her twin, Katrina to prove she is the good twin, though she is originally thought to be the evil twin. As is the custom, the good twin throws the evil twin into volcano, ad when Katrina shows no hesitation in pushing Sabrina in, it becomes obvious that Sabrina is in fact the good twin. Sabrina is given her witches license.

Season 4

Sabrina & Harvey

Sabrina is now a senior at Westbridge High. Her nemesis, Libby has transferred to a private school, and when Sabrina learns the news she is extremely happy, until she finds out that Mr. Kraft is not the Principal of Westbridge High. Valerie, one of Sabrina’s best friends has moved to Alaska, and Harvey seems increasingly distant with the arrival of his friend Brad, from Texas. Sabrina is hired at a coffee shop, and feels an attraction to her boss, Josh Blackheart. Along with her job at the coffee shop called Bean There, Brewed That, Sabrina is ordered by the Witches Council to be a mentor for younger witches. She is assigned to a witch named Dreama, who is new to the moral realm, and they become friends. Sabrina shares a kiss with her boss, and Harvey breaks up with her, after catching them in the act. Eventually Sabrina and Harvey get back together, after mutually apologizing, but soon she casts a spell which forces Josh and Harvey to fight for her love. Even though the fight is to the death, both survive. Josh has his memory erased, but Harvey who has had many spells cast on him, reached his “spell quota” and as a result finds out Sabrina is a witch.

Season 5

Sabrina Season 5

Sabrina and Harvey break up, during the summer and as a result Sabrina has been attending counselling in the other realm to help her get over the break-up. Sabrina is now in her first year of university, at Adam’s College (a fictional Boston institute), and is living off campus with 3 mortal roommates: Roxie, Miles and Morgan. Sabrina continues to work at Bean There, Brewed That, and although she still has feelings for Harvey, she develops feelings for Josh Blackheart, her co-worker, once again. Josh develops a relationship with Sabrina’s roommate, Morgan, and as a result Sabrina starts to date Kevin O’Connor, a young musician, and fellow student. By the end of the season her feelings for Josh become clear, and she and Josh share a kiss once again.

Season 6

Morgan, Roxie, Harvey, Sabrina, Josh & Miles

Sabrina is now in her second year of college, and is currently dating Josh Blackheart. She is also still working at Bean There, Brewed That with her Aunt Hilda. Josh has been in Europe, and when he returns, Sabrina learns that he has been offered a job in Prague, but takes another job home in Boston in order to stay with her. Sabrina is given an internship at the Boston Citizen where Josh works, and starts up a college talk show, with Roxie. Great-Aunt Irma, the matriarch of the Spellman family is introduced in this season, and she has a habit of messing the the affairs or those in her family. Sabrina’s love-life is put under the microscope, by her Great-Aunt, which complicates her relationship with Josh seeing as her Aunt does not approve of mortals, with the exception of Harvey. Sabrina is faced with the great loves, and when they desert her, she turns to stone and crumbles, as a witch does when they lose their soul mate.

Season 7


Zelda sacrifices her adult form, in order for Sabrina to be returned to her human form at the beginning of the season. Sabrina, who is flesh and blood again, and a college graduate moves into the Victorian manor with Roxy and Morgan. Sabrina finds a job at Scorch Magazine, where she meets Aaron, a handsome mortal. Harvey, is now a constant in her adult life, and while she starts to date Aaron, Harvey confesses to Roxie and Morgan that he still loves Sabrina. Aaron introduces Sabrina to his parents and the two become engaged, though she has doubts in her heart. While at the alter, on her wedding day, Sabrina decides that she loves Aaron, but isn’t in love with him. She leaves the church, where Harvey is waiting for her, on his motorcycle. They ride off together, finding that they are meant to be.

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