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Robert Neville was bitten by a Vampire Bat that was infected with a new disease that eventually wipes out the human race and turns it's victims into Vampires. For some reason it only made Neville ill for a short time, while the bacteria spread through air turns everyone else into Vampires. 

Neville stays barricaded in his house, protected by garlic and mirrors though the night, just hoping to survive the night so he can have one more day. Among the Vampires who torment every night is a former friend of his, Ben Cortman. His wife also comes back to visit him as a Vampire. 

When Neville is captured by the vampires, he realizes that they are afraid of him. As the legend of the vampire has created fear towards humans, Neville has become a legend of fear to the vampires, becoming the monster to the new race. 

Movie versions

The Last Man on Earth 
The Omega Man 
I Am Legend (2007)
Robrt Neville is played by Will Smith. In this version, Robert is a virologist for the military living in a empty New York with his dog Sam. Robert's wife and daughter are killed in an accident while evacuating the city due to the outbreak of the Krippen Virus (or KV). The virus has a 92% kill rate, killing 5.4 billion people, leaving 1% who were completely immune to it while 588 million mutated into feral state. The infected are extremely sensitive to UV light, burning their skin on contact and seem to crave blood. He spends his days exercising, hunting, driving his car,watching films and mostly making attempts to finding a cure  for the Krippen Virus. After a close call with a group of infected, Robert traps a female infected, bringing her home to test a possible cure, initially failing. One day, while driving around, he sees one his mannequins (one of which he has set up around New York) has been moved near Grand Central Station, in an act of curiosity (and paranoia) Robert checks it out, but realizes too late that one of the infected has set a trap, which when it springs knocks Robert unconcious. Robert recovers near dusk and breaks free but injures his leg in the process. Robert sees one of the male infected (one that he saw while trapping the Infected female) who sets a trio of infected dogs on Robert. A brief battle ensues where Robert kills them but his dog Sam has been bitten. Robert takes Sam home to try and save her with his potential cure but fails and is forced to strangle her. 
Robert falls into a deep spiral of depression and goes out one night, and recklessly runs down as many of the Infected as he can with his car. His car is flipped but Robert is rescued and brought home by two survivors, a woman named Anna and a young boy named Ethan who hear Robert's broadcast. Anna explains to Robert that she and Ethan are planning to go to a rumored survivors colony and on their journey they lost many to what Anna calls the Dark Seekers. Robert doesn't believe that the survivors colony exists but Anna beleives that God told her and that the events that have occurred are meant to be. Robert angrily tells her that there is no God. The Dark Seekers follow them home from the previous night and ambush Robert's home, lead by the same male infected that witnessed him trapping the female and the one that sent the infected dogs on Robert, driving the three into Robert's basement lab with the infected female. Robert discovers that his cure is working but are now trapped by the Dark Seekers in a fiberglass chamber. As the Alpha Male pounds on the glass, he notices a shape in the glass (a butterfly, which reminds him of his daughter). Robert also notices that Anna has a butterfly tattoo on her neck, and sees this as a sign that Anna was meant to find him. He takes a sample of the cure to Anna and tells her and Ethan to hide in the coalshaft. Robert takes a hidden grenade throws himself at the Darkseekers as it goes off. Anna and Ethan make it to the survivors colony and deliver the cure.

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