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This issues contains seven short comic strips.

1. Richie Rich tries to purchase a birthday gift for Freckles. The salesmen refuse to sell the item to Richie Rich and end up regretting their decision soon after.

2. Richie Rich has just had a new pool installed with the latest and greatest gadgets. Freckles and PeeWee come over to check it out. The boys seem to be missing something even after they review all the gizmos. They end up at a most unlikely place to find what they couldn't at Richie Rich's new pool.

3. Richie Rich has a new motor boat and he is going to try it out with his friends Freckles and PeeWee. Reginald Van Dough shows up to ruin the day, but instead ends up ruining his own.

4. Richie Rich has just received a lot of birthday presents from his relatives. After checking them all out and being very impressed he finds that playing with Freckles and PeeWee is a lot more fun.

5. Richie Rich, Freckles and PeeWee set off on a hike. They end up finding some four-leaf clovers. Reginald Van Dough sets out to prove to the trio that four-leaf clovers will not improve their luck. After a day of trying to sabotage the boy's hike Reginald sets out to find his own four-leaf clover because no bad luck befell the trio, but only Reginald.

6. Reginald Van Dough creates a fake treasure map to send Richie Rich, Freckles and PeeWee on a false treasure hunt. Richie Rich catches on to Reginald's plan and has Harkins bury a real treasure.

7. Gloria's dad is being transferred to Harveyville for work and will need to leave. Richie Rich sets out to find a way to keep Gloria's dad in town. Richie Rich ends up owning a prominent hot dog company and Gloria gets to stay in town by the end of this whimsical tale.







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