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Batman #28 - Gotham Eternal Review


Everything gets put on hold as we take a glimpse into the future of Batman and Gotham City.

The Good

Is this a filler issue? Originally it was supposed to be the conclusion to the Zero Year: Dark City arc. To give Greg Capullo more time to work on the slightly extended issue and to give us a treat, this issue jumps forward, not back tot he present, but further into Batman and Gotham City's future. Beginning in April, we will see the weekly BATMAN ETERNAL series and Scott Snyder has mentioned this issue takes place about in between issues 39 and 40.

While we'll try to avoid spoilers here, it is known (from the preview) that Harper Row is up to something. We've seen her pop up every now and then and know how Batman feels about her placing herself in dangerous situations. That's part of the fun in being able to look ahead, finding out what may or may not have changed.

What more we can expect is something big has happened in Gotham. We don't know the specifics but seeing how things have changed--seeing how characters have changed as well as who might pop up, it's going to be a fun and long wait to have BATMAN ETERNAL catch up to this part of the story.

Back to the original question, is this a filler? If it is, it's an amazing one. You'll get hooked on the action as you take in everything going on and almost forget that this is quite a tease. Snyder and James Tynion IV are almost mischievous in the way they show us so much only for us to have to wait for so long to find out what happens next.

Dustin Nguyen handles the pencils with Derek Fridolfs doing inks. We're so used to those two working on L'IL GOTHAM, it's great to see them back in a 'regular' comic. I'm immediately reminded of their Heart of Hush (in DETECTIVE COMICS Vol 1) and House of Hush (in STREETS OF GOTHAM). And of course those final covers to Stephanie Brown's BATGIRL series. It's sad that LI'L GOTHAM has ended but let's hope we see more of Nguyen and Fridolfs in the Batman Universe.

The Bad

It's going to be a long wait for BATMAN ETERNAL #40. There was a moment or two where Harper looked a little inconsistent but no overall complaints.

It's understandable why Zero Year skipped this month. But, just as Villains Month interrupted the story, this sort of does as well.

The Verdict

I didn't want to look forward to this issue. I've been trying to not get excited over the idea of BATMAN ETERNAL and I didn't want to see Zero Year interrupted. This issue offers a great tease as to the epic craziness we can expect. Big things are happening in Gotham City. It's not going to be a picnic. Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV are cruel in how they show us so much only to leave us hanging for months. If this is any indication of what we can expect in BATMAN ETERNAL, it's going to be a fun new series. It's great seeing Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs back on a regular issue. LI'L GOTHAM will be missed but you can see they're just warming up here. It'll be nice if this is just the beginning of their time in the New 52 Bat Universe. And hopefully you managed to avoid spoilers about this issue before you read it.

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Posted by Mucklefluga

This issue did a great job in making me insanely excited for Eternal.

Posted by LiveForever

Glad to hear it was a good issue but the interruption sucks. I hate having an "off" issue in the middle of an arc, number-wise. Probably can't afford to venture much into Batman Eternal so this issue doesn't have me super excited.

Posted by manwithoutshame

5 stars, hmm maybe I will pick this up.

Posted by Theorder14

Now we only need the second one

Posted by ZbvmX

It sucks how new titles here gets delayed 'til Friday (Saturday in the US), I really want to read this so bad.

Posted by cobra88king8

I like Harper's super hero identity. I really want to know who it was in the cave. Probably Harper's brother givent the hair. But you never know.

Posted by Nahuel

@zbvmx said:

It sucks how new titles here gets delayed 'til Friday (Saturday in the US), I really want to read this so bad.

Tell me about it! I live in Chile, and sometimes I have to wait from 2 weeks to 1 month!!

This should have been renumbered... like Snyder said, it should have been number 39.5 or something like that.

Anyway, haven't read it yet, but can hardly wait!!

Edited by Nahuel

@zbvmx said:

It sucks how new titles here gets delayed 'til Friday (Saturday in the US), I really want to read this so bad.

Tell me about it! I live in Chile, and sometimes I have to wait from 2 weeks to 1 month!!

This should have been renumbered... like Snyder said, it should have been number 39.5 or something like that.

Anyway, haven't read it yet, but can hardly wait!!

Posted by G-Man

@nahuel: You're in Chile? My parents are down there visiting right now. Say hi if you see them.

Posted by Nahuel
Posted by BatLantern12

I thought the issue was awesome. I also don't like the break in the arc though. Also, Dustin Nguyen's pencils are phenomenal. I wouldn't mind having him and Capullo split the work on Batman if we got it every two weeks, like with Spider-Man.

Posted by longbowhunter

Well that was f#%kin' awesome! Really really excited to see what's up with Batman Eternal now.

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

I knew Harper Row was that new sidekick

Posted by Aeron_Glyndwr

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah!

Posted by TimeLordScience

Is this $2.99 or $3.99?

Posted by RaggedScarecrow

@cobra88king8: I like that they didn't make her Nightwing like make expected. I'm looking forward to Eternal now, but I'll probably have to trade wait it. My budget can't afford the title regularly :(

Edited by Sleepbutnodream15

I hate Harper Row, but I love Scott Snyder, so I'm excited for Eternal. They teased the idea of Bluebird in the Detective Comics 27. Along with that, they also teased a character named Lark. I'm guessing that character will either be Dick or Harper's brother. I REALLY hope it's not the latter.

Posted by G-Man
Posted by Solomonwreath

Spoiler Alert!!! everyone who read the issue will get it.

Posted by LordoftheNorth

Batman just seems so out of character in this issue for some reason he is now cool with the fact one of his sidekicks uses guns of any kind and for that matter its way to soon for him to have another sidekick damiam didnt die that long ago and he is going to reveal his idenity to Harper and most likely her brother in that short amount of time its complete out of character for Batman not to mention does Gotham really need another hero iam for every time i turn around Gotham has another freakin hero and its starting to get annoying than when we meet the new crime boss Batman freakin begs them like a wuss to help something he just wouldnt do beucase why beg when you can punch them in the face and open that safe yourself

Posted by andreww154

This is such a great issue. This has got me so excited for Batman Eternal. The story was intriguing throughout...and the ending!!!

Edited by Sampsman

Cool story but also don't like the interruption of Zero Year. It just seems like a marketing stunt to hype/hawk yet another new Batman title. I'm sure it will be cool but come on DC, I feel like I just spent $4 for you to tell me to go out and buy yet another series. I'd prefer to have spent the money on a book that I've been loyally reading since the first issue - not on an advertisement for a new title.


Posted by scouts1998

@g_man I thought that this issue took place between issue 39 and 40 of the regular batman series?

Posted by obsidian_raindrop1

@lordofthenorth: dude chill, apparently this issue is a YEAR away we will probably have more Harper back story and why she is doing what she is doing. As for the guns red hood.

Edited by lifeofvibe

im not buying this ongoing because im new to comics but I am read the trades but I am planning on buy eternal should I get this?

Posted by ComicKing7

Will this comic make me like Harper Row? because until now I've unfairly hated her because I thought she was going to replace Damian as Robin or Dick as Nightwing. Now that I know that she's not I thought I'd give her a chance.

Posted by lifeofvibe


Posted by noj

@sampsman: It was either this, a months delay, or really rushed Capullo art not up to his usual standard. I MUCH prefer this to the other alternatives.

Edited by LordoftheNorth

@obsidian_raindrop1: So what if its a year away dosnt make him taking her on as a partner any less stupid and as for red hood Batman would never put up with thats crap but with the New 52 forcing him to be a hero they also have Batman putting up with his crap even thou Batamn would never train a sidekick in the use of a gun nor would he allow some one he works with all the time to use them

Posted by LordoftheNorth

@lifeofvibe: dont bother once they get to this point in eternal they will most likely go over this again

Edited by KidChipotle

This issue was awesome.

I was extremely skeptical of Harper dawning a new identity because I thought it was going to be Nightwing. Boy, was I extremely happy I was wrong. Bluebird? Totally awesome. Very fresh too. Something that I was unsure about was her use of guns. I know they were shock pellets but it seemed to me Bats was too lenient with her breaking the rule. But then again, it adds something new to the franchise. I wonder who Cave is though…and what happened to Penny-One? Is this Harpers brother? Maybe it's Dick dawning an Oracle-esque identity? Also…this New Gotham story reminds me of…Contagion…No Mans Land. I wonder......hmm

Posted by cobra88king8

@raggedscarecrow: have they said what the price of Eternal would be? I can't imagine it being $3.99 if it's a weekly series

Edited by Sampsman

@noj: Ah... I see. That explains it. I do enjoy Capullo's art and I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

Posted by millennium

@lordofthenorth: gotham has about 3 to 5 heroes operating in it since the new52 started? (so unless your counting nightwing, red hood, red robin, batwing, worlds finest and the birds of prey all in which arent in gotham but are in different locations as being in gotham then you would be wrong) but if you wont too get mad at a creative decision for a city then you should be upset at marvel with them jamming 97% of all their characters into the city of nyc

and to point out the whole gun thing more likely than not their none lethal i.e sand bag shells, rubber bullets, teasers and so on and so forth so batman shouldnt have a problem with it

Posted by Kewirje

Based on the previews I highly suspected who Gotham's new crimelord was... and I was right.

Edited by obsidian_raindrop1

@lordofthenorth: there shock pellets not real bullets in the past batman himself has used rubber bullets

Edited by Booster_Bronze

I'm confused I thought Harper was a teenager or at least a young woman, but she looks like a middle schooler or younger for the first half of the book. This is why I thought it was taking place during Zero Year at first. Is anyone else confused? I know G-Man said her appearance was inconsistent, but this was just plain weird! Good issue though.

Posted by obsidian_raindrop1
Edited by The_Tree

This was a very interesting issue. I really like Harper as Bluebird.

I'm hoping "Cave" is Carrie Kelly, the body outline looks a little too feminine and hourglass-like to be Harper's brother. I also just don't want the whole Row family involved in crime fighting. Hopefully it doesn't mean bad news for Alfred either.

That final reveal got me really excited though, I just hope Steph is still very much like her pre-New 52 self.

Overall, I can't wait for Batman: Eternal.

Posted by danhimself

THAT LAST PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

super excited for Eternal....missed Steph so much!!!!!

Posted by timelord

So I'm sold on Batman: Eternal now but I have to wait 40 issues to find out dam that's a long wait.

Posted by Wowlock

I don't know if I like Catwoman acting more like Talia since Batman already have to deal with her and I think her dynamic with Batman right now is interesting enough. She doesn't need to become another Batman hating villian with a cold attitude... Batman has too many of those already. Those two need a break and even when they got it it was a freaking Scarecrow toxin...

Also FINALLY STEPHANIE BROWN . now give us Cassandra and it will be fine !

I am still not sold on Harper Row being FAN-FAVORITE ! As I barely knew she existed outside of over-hypes and some appearances she made after DC's intentions on replacing Damien so easily. Her becoming the Bluebird... I am feeling kinda worried for Dick since she is basicly looking like his successor more than being Damian's. I will have to wait and see if Harper will earn her place like Damien did when he was working with Dick.

Either way , these future snippets I am not to fond of since a lot of things can change from here to there but it is exciting nontheless.

Also I knew I probably sounded like I wish I would read Gothtophia for a long time.. can't help it :)

Posted by danhimself

I like Harper's super hero identity. I really want to know who it was in the cave. Probably Harper's brother givent the hair. But you never know.

don't think guess is that it's Carrie Kelly

Posted by RaggedScarecrow

@cobra88king8: DC's site has it at $2.99 a issue, thank the lords. It's nice to know that $3 series aren't completely gone yet.

Edited by mak13131313

I loved it!! Bluebird is awesome. And that last page! Wow! I was already excited for Batman Eternal but this just adds so much more excitement!!

Posted by braynehurricane
Posted by scouts1998

Do Snyder and Tynion share the writing or does one plot and the other write?

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