durakken's Resurrection Man #1 - Pronounced Dead review

Pronounced Resurrected.

I've never read anything about this character before. I've heard of resurrecting characters and I thought this is the one I heard about, the one comes with a new power each time. I was right, but that's all I knew. Always thought the idea was kinda crappy to be honest with you, and if you really wanted to mess with this character you could do something like give him regen one time and then try to figure out how his resurrecting powers work together with his regen power... But I digress...

The book was a nice solid book that did what it had to, left clues to various plot details, was kid friendly, and was a good introduction. The writing at first annoyed me with it's constant reference to metal, but that didn't detract from the over all book and it makes sense given the situation. It's also an interesting thought... maybe someone could have a call back in the future to it in another title with characters that have similar powers.

They are 2 really praise worthy points about this book that denote an excellent author and artist (that will hopefully stay together)

#1. The author lets the reader think and gives you just enough detail that people with different knowledge levels will pick up on what the reality is at different points, but all without outright stating what's happening. Look at page 20/21 for what I'm talking about. We're given info about what's happening, but not what side the character is on, but then we get the character's name and it becomes quite interesting because we now know the parties involved.

#2. The artist likewise gives you what you need and doesn't gross you out or do anything to "shock" you or make it non-kid friendly. There are 2 or 3 spots where the artist could have placed gore ridden and/or nude scenes, but he doesn't and doesn't need to. If we want to imagine it we can, but we're told what happens and thus those types of scenes become unnecessary...and the result is much better and accessible for everyone.

So not a terribly great concept, but solidly done and in such a way that it actually does what the DCnU relaunch is supposed to do


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