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Plot Summary

The Punisher has heard rumors that Ma Gnucci is alive and well and rebuilding the Gnucci Family criminal empire. The Punisher tracks down the only surviving Gnucci Family member Charlie Schitti to see what is going on. The Punisher while about to take down some mobsters sees Ma Gnucci alive and well which suits him just fine since he kills her again along with the mobsters he was planning to take out. Only to find out that his new informant Charlie Schitti has seen Ma Gnucci after the Punisher just killed her again.

Elite's son angered over his father's death and the bad experiences he has had since the Punisher killed his dad plans to get his vengeance on Frank Castle. Having years of planning and seemingly endless supply of money he goes after the Punisher. Frank doesn't know about this new Elite gunning for him at all. This new Elite is just as skilled and twice as smart as his father might just be the end of the Punisher.

Lt. Molly Von Richthofen has having girlfriend troubles with her girlfriend having sex with a man that angers Molly greatly leading her to commit police brutality on her girlfriend's lover. When Molly finds out Ma Gnucci is seemingly back from the grave and that she has been assigned once again to take down the Gnucci Family she is annoyed greatly. When she finds out the Punisher is fighting the Gnucci Family again and that she is assigned to apprehend him as well it’s almost enough to drive her insane.

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