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nhé 0

By far not one of the best Wolverine's stories. Something about his past as Agent X from Canada and the War of Iraque, and then 5 years later he avenge a Canadian nun by killing her captives. At the end Wolvie is drinking at a bar in Madripoor remembering everything.Just 1,5 star....

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Tie in on why Beast had left the X-Men 0

After being druged by Kraven, Beast lost his mind and in an access of fury gets bersek and almost kill Raven. It would have happened if the X-Men doesn't stop him. After that the Beast left the X-Men for real, SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. coming back only years after this events, when the X-Factor was created. It's really a needed tie in, because in the current title X-Men (or Uncanny X-Men) it wasn't never really explained why he had left the team....

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Tie in story 0

That's a very nice tie in story.  I really like it for a number of reasons.First because it shows why Havok, Polaris, Angel, Jean and Iceman really left the X-Men. Second - it shows the beginning of the attraction between Jean and Wolverine and how it could affect Jean and Scott's relationship. Third - the fight between Wolverine and Angel shows why Angel is always angry about his attitudes in the following issues, and that's why Angel leaves the team again some issues later. Fourth - Colossus i...

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Best New Mutants story ever!!! 0

I had never read this story before, but I just get it today from an old books store. It's fantastic!!! Bill Sienkiewicz nailed it with incredible art, kind of dark like new X-Force, but not too dark. And the idea of the New Mutants and Professor Xavier fighting inside Legion's mind with another person trapped inside is amazing, I'm astonished till now... The other personalities inside Legion's mind helping Xavier to defeat his son's enemy while Mirage and Wolfsbane protect Gaby and Cifer from a ...

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