Fave Day of the Week = Wednesday

Ha!  I read 35 - 50 comics a month and pick up some trades as well.  I am running out of room again and already need new boxes.  I started with some non-mainstream indie publishers, then moved to Marvel and now DC.  Really digging Secret Invasion, Ultimates, Son of Hulk, Bloodrayne, Ms. Marvel, Atomic Robo, Neo-Zoic, Witchblade, Shrugged, Fathom, The End League, The Iron & The Maiden, Caliber, Trinity, Final Crisis and BatmanOk, Batman (Comics & Character) freaking rocks.  I have been watching The Animated Series and it is amazing.  Just got done reading Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns as well and it was incredible!   I am reading Batman Year 100  and then moving to The Long Halloween.  At some point I wanna pick up Hush, Dark Victory, Haunted Knight, Murder At Wayne Manor and Year One.  Anyways, love comics!