Smallville "Salvation" or a usual Smallville season finale

As usual, Smallville has had its suspensiful season finale. They left us hanging on who's alive and who is dead (but still on contract).
I was glad that Tess is still alive (just has half her face serried off...wonder if she'll become Smallville's Two-face. She already fits the part now you just get to see it more on the outside). I hope she's still alive. wonder who the nitter is. I'm glad that the writers didn't do anything connected to what happened in the comics, no new Krypton or anything like that. It would have caused such bordom as most of it we've seen in the comics, just it would be played out live.
I hope that Ollie will be alright. I hope its just suspense, because Chloe has already had one guy die two's a crime.
I like the dream at the very beginning. We get to see the world of Superman as well as Lex alive and the real Jimmie (well, we would see him if Lois didn't pile all that stuff on him). I liked how, when he woke up, he found a package from his mom. I think it's HIS cape, (though didn't he get a cape from that actress in one of the past two seasons?).
For the next season, the villian roster has been narrowed down.

  • Tess has become a sort of good guy and sort of dead right now (not sure if true).
  • Checkmate is sort of out of commission
  •  Maxwell Lord hopefully is gone (never know with him)
  • Lex is dead (depends on if he wants to come back or not)
  • Bizzaro is definitly not going come back
  • Brainiac is in the future
  • Zod is gone (hopefully) for good
So, I about the only villains left are Toyman and Metallo and they're not exactly major villains. They need someone who can actually think of major things. While they will/might create good short plot lines, the actual antagonist has to be someone who can be a threat to the Justice league (are they called that now?) for more than three episodes.
Possible Villians for the next season include: livewire, MIster Mxyzptlk (I know that he apeared already in the series, but they never really revealed as to what happened to him or his powers and the group which Lex formed), Prankster,and  Puzzler.
I hope that for the major villian they decide to use Ultra-Humanite. I know, I know. he looks (and is at times) an ape, but they could change that (they did such an apearence change with Brainiac). I mean he was after all  one of the first recurring comic book supervillain. They could make him have super strenth and intellect.