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Space Cadet: Argos 2B pilot navigator engineer & over all fixer up of things broken. Born in a illegal Star ship Clone factory for among other things the Farming sentient brain matter & slavery. 2B was designer made to be super intelligent, so intelligent that she hacked into the ships mainframe & took control. After ejecting the Pirate Crew into space she took over the ship & now pilots it with the few other clones she has woken up from their clone beds.

Name: Venus 4F Clone grown seduction assassination & intelligence gathering.An extreme cynic & pessimist, Venus has little if anything good to say about people. Currently works as ships recon & Muscle. One of the clones to of been sold over & over from star system to star system. Venus is a veteran of many assassinations having spent all her life either killing or locked in a box. Venus has had many body parts replaced some due to wear, others simple & extreme abuse. She was the first Clone to be De-programmed & set free by Argos 2B, whom Venus now protects voluntarily for the first time in her brutal painful life. She would both kill & Die for Argos 2B simply because she can now freely choose too because of her.

Name: Valkyrie 7V Soldier Clone (enhanced physical attributes for combat) the ships human assault department Valkyrie 7V is one of the most decorated clone soldiers in eight star systems. Although for a clone this means little, as they are traded like cattle, she has a reputation as one of the finest strategic tactical minds both on & off the battle field. Though the battle field is where she prefers to be. All she has known is war & only recently thanks to Argos 2B deprogramming her Valkyrie has come to know so much more then butchery & blood. Currently Works as Ships weapons officer & muscle.

Strength 20 ton

Name: PiG Bank Clone grown pork organ transplant & food supply currently works in reclamation Dep & recycling. owes his life & the life of his piglets to Argos 2B. He Currently manages the Space Bar bringing in the ships regular income.

Reptile: Alien Hybrid clone, human experimentation, currently helps out with EVA retrieval repair & maintenance. Originally destined to be dissected on the operating table, in order to find specific weakness in competing alien race's. Reptile was more then happy to assist Argos 2B in any way she could. With little life experience she use's her natural gifts to maneuver in zero gravity in amazing ways that make her the perfect EVA tech for all & any outside operations.

Name: Good Doggy Ferocious Clone Alien Hybrid Hunter Killer / reprogrammed by Argos 2b with the brain patterns of a small dog / He currently acts as the ships mascot & guard dog, keeps the others from down below away

Name: Body bots ship robot servants & self repair mech

Main Ship The Lost & Found (Space Bar!)