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@Vengance101: (parasite on back twitch's happily)

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I'm no alien, I was born in space, I'm a genetically engineered, post-human from over, a hundred thousand, years in the future.

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2B beams straight, into a position, at the bar were she can get served "Hi Mr bar type person, I'd like a traditional 21st century H2O CH3CH2OH ethanol & various carbohydrates, mixed with minor levels of chemicals for flavor Please"

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godliness, if i could just get it, under a high enough powered, microscope for two just seconds.

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Magic i wish i could just get magic under a high enough powered microscope for just two seconds

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mail Yay!

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20 mins later

synchronized orbital altitude over the island of 410 km (255 mi).

2Bs command deck, was in chaos, as automatons welded wired & repaired, what systems they could. 2B herself, was patched in, to every news channel, private & public on the planet. Her goal, to stem & contain the flow, of information. "Gah! Billions of people, want to know, what the hells going on, Chief including the newly, elected super villain, I mean president of America" A consul, to 2Bs right exploded, in a hail of sparks & smoke. A automaton immediately set to repairing it " I'm stretched thin up here, trying to maintain, the security black out, but somethings got to give soon" she stated worriedly, as a second monitor, showed a growing red, mass of energy readings spreading outward, from the islands center.

"You've got intruders topside, don't ask me how, they got past the defenses, but you've got them." Slamming a fist down, on the consul in frustration, at the life signs monitor, as it quickly started to drop " Ah hell The civilian population that's CHIEF Chief! they've already begun, I'm reading a heavy death toll" scrambling around, the pilots chair, 2B hooked a large green cable, into one of the monitors, while a automaton assisted, with the final connections, then returned to the communication consul.

"Definite Meta-Human incursion, I'm transmitting live, picture & audio feeds" 2B took a sip, from a cold cup of coffee, then made a disgusted face, at the bitterness of it's taste. Wishing she could help. "Multiple fires, civilian emergency services are non-responsive, i repeat non-responsive"

"Ive just sent everything, on the identities & power types, of every foreign hostile to the teams coms. I had to hack almost every governmental & private database on the planet to get it but you've got it" stunned, she looked at the name, of who was behindhand, the attack on the island.

"Chief it's Tenebrasque In their invading"

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2B opened section four straight into space to get rid of a nest of Velopox that had migrated here during the last solar storm.

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@Meticulous said:

Action should be quick. People shouldn't be allowed to explain their entire battle, ahead of time. Just the actions they were able to commit that turn. Battles should be turn based. Story based RPG's should be as long, or as short as the writer deems worthy. As long as it is well written, and gets the point across, who cares?

The people who go into an rpg expecting some fun expanding characters, only to have people drop out early.

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Just wanted to put this out there as I thought it might be useful to accumulate a database of opinions, on whether or not to start using a symbol or numeral that signifies the expected commitment desired of people to the rpg

for instance as a example if i was to create a short Rpg = Attack of the giant Monsters rpg-s = Attack of the Giant Monsters OOC -s

S = short five posts maximum M = medium ten to fifteen posts maximum L = Long could last forever

And discuss