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Nah this would be a trolling thread if I thought PeeWee Herman should have played Deadpool instead of Ryan Reynolds.

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Eh.. none of Ryan's movies really gripped me. Its not as if I want to go out and buy one.. *shrugs*.

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Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds or Jim Carrey?

As most of us know we all want a Deadpool movie and I know some of us want Ryan Reynolds as the actor. However looking at Ryan Reynolds play as GL and some of his past movies I think he makes a better Flash. Also Ryan Reynolds has never made a movie where he has truly done well as the leading actor. Mr. Reynolds always seems shine with other talented actors around him, but this could be true for every actor. I still think the best actors however; don't need anyone.

Now who would possibly play Deadpool. With all the extreme craziness that Deadpool brings along in the Marvel Comics Deadpool is always seems to be a sincere man hiding drowning in the chaos that his mental state. Seeing Jim Carrey play in a bunch of comic movies plus his few serious ones including "The Majestic" I think Mr. Carrey would be awesome for the role. Jim would have to put on some muscle mass, but either way Deadpool has been shown on the leaner side of the hero physiques. I think Mr. Carrey could pull it off, be comical then rise out of the sea of chaos that is Deadpool for a moment of clarity before submerging back into Lunacy.

What do you think?


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The Shiver Man vs Batman.
Is this one sided right off the bat (pardon the pun) or does anyone think Batman may stand a chance because of his intellect?