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A good read 0

As the title states, however I only recommend that you read it if you can also get your hands on a copy of the other issues that are linked to this particular story arc.The Joker's thugs dressing up as classic or vintage horror film monsters and villains as one of the many amusing features in this story, this chapter of the Joker's film-making plan is a recommend read.It will make absolutely no sense whatsoever if you have not read the other Detective Comics (in this Knightquest sub-plot) issues...

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Another classic Villains' story! 0

I own an original issue of this comic, and I have to say; it's another classic Villains story that's a must read!A particularly lengthy issue, the story deals with The Penguin forming a gang with his fellow villains on the idea that The Penguin has been receiving special, confidential information regarding a possible future murder of the Batman by various criminals and thugs!The gang decide to protect the Batman's life from 'behind the curtain', as it were, without letting the caped crusader kno...

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Fantastic! 0

A very good, classic story about The Joker!One of the top Joker stories that is simply a must read- I cannot describe this comic without giving away the ending, or massive spoilers.The story is pretty much what the comic's title is: The Joker decides to become the Batman's 'equal' by obtaining his own utility belt, but Jokerized with flower pellets, a cork (the most important tool), rubber snakes, jumping beans, etc.You can read this story in various trade paperbacks; notably The Greatest Joker ...

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Mixed thoughts! 0

There's two ways you can approach this particular comic for an honest, unbiased review.On one hand: it's certainly got an original storyline and a unique twist to the ending, but on the other hand it's a mediocre (and flawed in some areas) comic.Firstly: it's designed as a novel. The story is not illustrated like any comic book, with art work plus the narration and the characters' dialogue. The Clown at Midnight is the complete opposite! Text, with some Photoshop/3D art work to accentuate the pa...

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