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I lol'd

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ha ha ha
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Ha ha! Nice.

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...and another Titan dies, is a totally clasic!!!! hahaha!!!

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Holy crap this was spot on lol

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Pretty funny.
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lol Good one.

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@PrincessSolaria: OMG, by the time I was halfway through scrolling I was laughing so hard I almost couldn't comment. That sums it up well for me :)
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@tonis: I Know, right? XD
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Its funny with all these deaths and eventually returning things to the status quo but maybe with a different character or a resurrection. it gets to be hard to take a death seriously now. its almost like we are desensitized at the idea of it.

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@Trodorne: That´s true
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That is pretty good. Very Funny. Through in The Omega Men and you have all the teams covered.
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It's funny because it's true.

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Lol thats pretty good!

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This totally made me LOL.

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epic....I still blame wonder girl for all the titan deaths