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I just wanna hear your opinion. I personally think that DC must not be to quick to launch a movie so Big as Justice League. The characters is so Big. Identify good actors to play the characters. Make solo movies with them & maybe then "hit" it with a Justice League movie. I personally think that if DC does make effort it can be one of the biggest movies yet, but don't be to quick in launching a big movie like that. I would like to hear what the you guys say. I believe you know more than me. Thanks again for being part of this Awesome site.

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They're def rushing as a "knee-jerk" reaction to the HUGE success Avengers was. The movie would have to clock in to close to 4hrs for them to even give a reasonable explaination of the story behind each character besides Supes and Bats. Are members of the Justice League better known than the members of the Avengers were? Yes. But not as much as we like to think they are. Outside of the comic community there are MANY general audience movie goers I have on multiple occasions had to explain that characters like Green Lantern and Flash are not part of MARVEL and are owned by a different company. WB/DC would do better to at the very least have a Worlds Finest and a solo Wonder Woman movie before putting the League together, to set the foundation of their "own" movie universe of chracters and stories. But this Justice League movie really at the end of the day is nothing but a pile of rumors and speculation at this point. To show how "serious" WB/DC are about it, they haven't even the confidence to at least give us a actual release date in 2015 while movies like Avengers 2 (which already has a release date) and even a new STAR WARS movie are already closer to actually going into production. What it comes down to is no one in the WB/DC camp have any direction like a Kevin Feige to quarterback the whole moment for them, which is sad for DC fans whom want a good movie-verse to represent their fav characters...I personally don't think a Justice League movie is coming in 2015, because eventually WB/DC will realize the sheer magnitude of planning and what it takes to successfully put a movie of that caliber together...Welcome to the vine btw!

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It has been announced in 2015 but Warner Bros. will screw it up. Everybody will be confused on who owns which characters and once people learn who owns what it will look like an avengers rip off.

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@Peanut007: I actually have a lot of faith in the Justice League movie, thanks to Marvel who created a cinematic universe, thus also created a lot of hype and not least a lot of potential for some competition between DC and Marvel movies, im confident in DC knowing just HOW much is on stake with their Justice League movie, if it flops they could potentionally ruin their future for a good DC cinematic universe - a cinematic univers, which could earn them more money than comic books ever could.

This is the logical next step for DC as a company, and they better not screw it up, and they know it.

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I think DC Should wait and do JL right. They're going to try and come up with a suitable plot, villain, roster, actor, and script in 2 & 1/2 years. This is going to be the big screen debut of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Martian Manhunter. To me, that's too much in one film. We all know Supes' and Bats' origin, so they can just come in, no problem there. They can work MM's origin in the movie, so no problem. And as much as I like Aquaman, I don't think he can hold is own movie yet due to the general public thinking he's a joke. After JL, I think he can hold a movie by JL making people learn to like him, though not know. Wonder Woman is an iconic character that people who don't follow comics know, though very few know her origin. So I think she needs a lead-in movie. It establishes her so the JL movie won't have to, plus it could attract people to the JL movie just because of WW. Flash could go either way, but I would do a lead-in movie just to establish him. Less time in the movie. And for GL, it depends. If they decide to go with Hal Jordan, I think it should tie into Green Lantern and Reynolds reprising the role. He was good for the role, it was just written badly. If they go with John Stewart (the only other logical choice), I feel it requires no lead-in.

As for villains, I say there are only a few choices that could work:

  • Darkseid
  • White Martians
  • Vandal Savage
  • Brainiac

The problem with Darkseid is it would look like DC ripping off Thanos. People who don't follow comics would probably be confused on the difference between the White and Green Martians. I think the public would be confused with Vandal Savage as a villain, not quite understanding him. Brainiac could be soloed by Superman. Other villain wouldn't work. Starro is lifeless. Sinestro Corps would work better for another GL movie. Thanagarians would be soloed by Supes, MM, GL, or Flash. Lex Luthor would just be terrible, along with the Legion of Doom. Crime Syndicate wouldn't be good for a first movie.

As for the roster, the only roster that could work would be:

  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Green Lantern (Hal or John)
  • The Flash (should be Berry, though Wally could work)
  • Aquaman
  • Martian Manhunter

If they wanted to do a smaller team and only have 5 or 6, members, sorry. This is the only roster that can work.

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Should've been this roster

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A Justice League film does not have to give an origin story for each character and a how-the-team-meets story in order to be successful. The first X-Men film did absolutely nothing with the pre-Xmen background of any character, showed nothing of the team's origin, and still was able to tell a very compelling story and go on to be a commercial success.

And they did it while headlining Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Rogue, and Wolverine as their principle cast. Aside from the 1 run of the X-Men cartoon show in the 90s, the non-comic book world knew very little about the individual X-Men, while even if we assume nobody ever watched a Justice League cartoon show, or the Flash and Wonder Woman television shows from back in the 70s, at the very least they are going to recognize Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern from recent films. Tack Green Arrow into the roster to play to the CW Smallville/Arrow fans and you can have an even higher level of character recognition right from the opening credits than what X-Men could have hoped for.

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The first three X-Men movies were all basically Wolverine movies, with various X-Men as supporting cast.

Plus the Justice League are composed of bigger and more iconic characters then the X-Men are. Yet as iconic as they are, really only Superman and Batman's origins are well known. I don't think people would accept Justice League being "Superman and friends" quite as willingly as fans accepted "Wolverine and pals" for the X-Men films.

Plus to do it Justice you DO have to explain how and why the team meets up. Basically, the audience will have to be made to understand why the threat coming to earth is so great that Superman wouldn't be able to handle it himself.

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Ensemble casts will always have certain characters step to the forefront. You called it in X-Men the way Wolverine got a bigger part than the others. In Avengers, Cap and Iron Man got way more screen time than Hawkeye, Black Widow, Fury, or even Hulk and Thor. In a JLA movie, you have to realize that Superman and Batman are going to be to the forefront; they will be the ones that get the bulk of the screen time. Feed Green Lantern in as their main supporting actor, and the roles of Flash, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow could be almost entirely glossed over. Does the audience really need to know that Wonder Woman comes from an Amazon Island and has the power of the gods, or can we just show her kicking butt alongside Superman, matching him in strength and power, and then say something like "By the Gods," and let the audience figure it out.

Does it matter that Flash was a forensic evidence lab tech studying into his father's old case, or can we give him the Hawkeye treatment where we establish that he runs really fast, and then sort of leave it at that.

I think you're looking at it too much like a comic book fan. The people who already read the comics already know the origins. The people who don't read the comics, don't know the characters, but still go to the movies, they don't go because they want a ton of plot exposition; they go because they want an action movie with cool looking superpowers. It doesn't matter how everyone got their powers; all that matters is quickly establishing what they can do, and then watching them get to do it.

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@TheCannon: anti-monitor, despero, imperiex, mongul could all work.

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@jobbernos said:

@TheCannon: anti-monitor, despero, imperiex, mongul could all work.

Anti-Monitor would be ridiculous fir the first villain. Yes, he is powerful and couldn't get soloed, but after that, everyone would be incredible easy.

Mongul can be soloed by Superman.

See above for Imperiex.

I have honestly never read anything with Despero, so I can't comment on him.

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@TheCannon: anti-monitor would be good for a sequel. despero is kinda like darkseid, and how can superman solo imperiex? hes supposed to be galactus of DC. doomsday would be good and general wade eiling.

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@jobbernos said:

@TheCannon: anti-monitor would be good for a sequel. despero is kinda like darkseid, and how can superman solo imperiex? hes supposed to be galactus of DC. doomsday would be good and general wade eiling.

Anti-Monitor should be saved for a third movie. Doomsday would be a good fighter, but is lifeless as a character. Wade Eiling wouldn't do much.

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@TheCannon: they could have doomsday able to talk, like in the justice league cartoon, how come general wade eiling cant do much? he soloed the justice league.

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I liked Doomsday in the cartoon, though he was still lifeless. He'd be better for a side villain while someone like Brainiac is the main villain.