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Did not like this issue. The "twist" is convoluted, confusing, and does absolutely nothing in the way of tying up this story. I'm not sure what exactly i'm supposed to think about that random, sci-fi information dump of a plot explanation in the middle of the book.


Also, that fall would have absolutely killed her. Where the hell did that fake robot hand come from since she had 2 working hands the page before? And she just what, takes some ship with no weapons from this fleet of people who were trying to kill her 5 minutes ago? There's not just fresh sailboats sitting around with no one on them. I guess the mers could help her take one since theyre apparently all best buds now all of a sudden.

Really poor and rushed feeling ending to an otherwise good series.

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How could you only read the first issue of this?

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i can't really see this happening until Marvel has bled all of it's mainstream material completely dry... so, pretty soon i guess.

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@marcosvergara14: I wish I could too.... but he's had a stranglehold on my lifelong favorite comics (X-Men) for so damn long...

The current "X-Men" book is, frankly, terribly boring... "Wolverine and the X-Men" (I haven't read the newest volume but assume it's the same) is just so goofy and childish that I'm uninterested. I barely made it past that pirate situation in "Amazing X-Men" so I'm hoping it can recover with the second arc... "X-Force" is terrible. "Wolverine" is dragging like he's half dead already and has been for years... "X-Factor"s good as usual, but is also carrying a B-team lineup that has no interaction with the rest of the X-Men world as usual. "Magneto" is good and "Cyclops" seems to be starting okay... but solo books just isn't what an X-Men fan needs. If the team books were good then it would be one thing....

I mean... as irritating a Bendis is, his books are somehow still the best major X-Men team stories available.

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Can we please keep Sorrentino on Uncanny X-Men? It's a major Marvel title with a serious tone.... and putting aside the fact that I just flat out hate Bachalo's style in general... it doesn't match the tone of the book AT ALL...

Also, Eva is clearly the best "new" mutant character out of this volume of Uncanny X-Men's batch.

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Shut up and take my money. This is one of the few series I would own both in singles and Hardcover Trades (I don't really go for collecting paperbacks). I need to get that Uncanny X-Force book too....

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Moving on. So now we're basically paying $1.00 more for Marvel to take a book that's doing perfectly fine, screw over the writer that was responsible for the book doing perfectly fine, and then produce the same stories as said writer anyway. Seems legit.

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@josephheinbachle said:

@testament: Why do people have such a hard time spelling the word "definitely".

Do they think, herp derp, there's no read squiggly under it, must be the right way to spell it. Defiantly is the adverb for defiant. As in rebellious. So you're saying he rebelliously hits or misses with what he writes?

Yo calm down. Spell check bro, wasn't payin attention

Also, you grammar attacked someone and then used "read" instead of "red." It's like you didn't even read what you wrote before posting it! Only derps do that though, right?

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The sheer output of virtually unlimited, variable, and rapid fire/constant fire projectile weapons will be enough to exhaust Windu to the point where he can no longer dodge/block/deflect them. Just the power/charge beam and missiles alone would be enough... if she's given weapons like the ice and plasma beam, it gets to the point where Windu can't even lightsaber block them without being adversely effected due to the extreme temperatures involved. Also, I don't think either will have a speed or agility advantage over the other... except that Windu will surely tire first since his movements are not mechanically enhanced.

As far as "standard gear" goes - i feel like a smash bros. approach would be a good start. Power/charge beam, seeking missiles, super missiles, screw attack, bombs, and grappling hook. These are things she has had early on in pretty much every game since Super Metroid. Additional "beams" are debatable as standard, but I think the ice and plasma would be the only other two common enough to be called standard.

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I'm just gonna say..... I don't buy the "we need more female characters to maintain and increase female readership" argument. Female readers clearly like male characters just fine.... or else there would be just about zero female readers of comics.