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Posted by Decept-O

I watched two of the video reviews.  Will get to the other two later.  Nice nice job on the Fantastic Four.  You considered the spoiler factor even if some readers already know who dies you took time to let anyone watching decide whether to continue or not with the review.  A lot of energy, obviously you enjoyed this issue quite a bit, and you explained why.  Just a good review.  
Teen Titans.  You went over the relationship issues with Superboy and how Damian is trying to fit in.  Nice job on explaining what you did and didn't like.   Again, nicely done.
Posted by Pistolwhip

Green Arrow #8: I agree with everything you said about this Green Arrow run. It lacks focus and it's moving along way too slow. I sometimes wonder if even Krul knows where the story is going. 
Teen Titans #91: I figured Ravager and Damian would hit it off. They both have such messed up pasts. Ravager is one of my favorite characters and even though I'm not a Batman fan I like Damian. 
New Avengers #8: I think I'll skip on this series. Spider-man is the only character I like in the comic and I'm going to assume he's still mainly used for comic relief.
I've never had any interest in Incorruptible, Fantastic Four or Magneto but I still found their reviews informative.
I enjoyed your video reviews HCH. I look forward to next time.