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stoked for the return of Static to television screens, really hope theirs a team up between him and Red Devil if they ever introduce him also one between Kon and Tim, the 2nd generation of the world's finest

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Very excited :)

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Dude Static, haven't read or seen him in such a long time. This is gonna be awesome.

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Is that Static Shock I see before me? Okay, that alone is enough to get me excited. :D The other things look cool, too.

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static's voice works for me....

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Looks awesome!

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@krspaceT said:

static's voice works for me....

The voice is acceptable, I honestly thought we wouldn't get Static. Once again my negativity rewards me.

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does Flash sound different

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Damn, statics balls REALLY dropped all the way to his ankles XD But joking aside, I'm not all that bothered by Phil Llamar not reprising his role as Static, but who cares? I'm just happy to see this guy on my tv screen for the first time in ages.

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Static.. Deathstroke beating up Lagoon Boy ( Kalder, Nightwing, Black Bettle , Deathstroke, poor guy have his ass kicked by everyone lol), Sportsmaster beating Manta, Chesire revenge Artemis, or tryin too, Superboy have a discusion with nightwing probably about aqualad/artemis situation, Mongul, Despero guys, Wally returning as KidFlash ..well this would be awesome!

Just a little f.. for CN for pulling this off till now..

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Static is lame.

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I'm still not seeing Wally back as KF. Everyone seems to be getting some serious action other than him. I hope they bring him back in grand style.

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Static is awesome. GL is going to be amazing, just like the first season. Can't wait!

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Very excited for YJ's return

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Soooo young justice is here to stay?For how long,its been a while but last i heard it was getting canceled.Is this a defiantly no or are they just airing the episodes they have left,anyone have a clue?

Also does anyone else find it weird that two cartoons and some shorts gets a tv block,i just think its weird to call them dc nation;they need at least one more real show.Static is just a new young justice character.

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Well they added Teen Titans and Beware the Batman to the block you know.

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cant wait.

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I can't believe I'm the only one who noticed this, but I'll say it:

Was The Flash Wally? The voice sounded like him and the costume looked different.

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@krspaceT said:

does Flash sound different

@TheCannon said:

I can't believe I'm the only one who noticed this, but I'll say it:

Was The Flash Wally? The voice sounded like him and the costume looked different.

I did

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@krspaceT: Sorry. Missed your comment.

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My Saturday's have meaning once again.

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@TheCannon: don't think so. sounded like Barry
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@Lamenoire said:

@TheCannon: don't think so. sounded like Barry

It was not Barry's voice. IT did sound a little off from Wally, but it still was not Barry's voice. Not to mention the costume difference.

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Sorry but it is the same costume. And the same voice as well since the sound of the whole clip is a bit distorted.

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its about time.

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Static? It's going down