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Flash #1 review 0

This book is great, and after all of the dark and depressing stories the big 2 have been churning out recently. This is a breath of fresh air. For me it had the feel of a classic superhero tale. The opening sequence in which Barry dismantles the Trickster's get-a-way vehicle is brilliant. The art is also absolutely gorgeous, Manapul deserves a pay raise after this.  Usually in comics when a character is brought back from the dead, the cover-up story for the character's return and where he/she ha...

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Caligula reviews : Batman/Superman Public Enemies 0

Well It's been awhile since I've reviwed any films on here, but honestly that's because I have been so absorbed in work (Hastings) and Playing DragonAge that I haven't really watched anything recently. But I picked up Public Enemies, here about a month or so ago.  and I must say overall I was pleased, the Animation was very easy to look at and extremly polished. I also like that they brought in so many DC characters in it. I here that it is based on a graphic novel, I haven't read the GN but if ...

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Caligula reviews - "Watchmen" 0

Now, after reviewing the Motion Comic, i said i would give my opinion on the live action film.Overall the films not bad. But it does have some set backs ::SPOILERS AHEAD::the biggest set back is the ending, Zack Snyder tried to play God here, and change the ending to what is in my opinion the greatest story ever commited to paper. With that being said, the newly adapted ending isn't bad, and doesn't feel forced, my only complaint is that he stuck so close to the original story up till then, so w...

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Caligula reviews - "Push" 0

This is a highly enjoyable film from beginning to end.Packed with great action, Solid well spoken Dialogue and an all around great cast.Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning are nothing short of amazing, i dont wanna ruin too much.if you enjoy Superheros, Comic Books, or the TV series "Heroes". you have to see this sorry for such a short and indescriptive narrative on this film. and i know i usually go on and on out about things, this id just a great film. it has a few bad moments but overall it...

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Caligula reviews - "Watchmen: the motion comic" 0

This was very well adapted, the film is quite long, it's basically the entire Graphic Novel being read to you. My only Complaint is that they could have got more voice actors than just one, yeah it's a little weird hearing Laurie talk, being that it's a man reading her lines, but if you can get past that, then i think you will enjoy this, especially if your a Watchmen fan. the Voice actor is great when he is Narrating as Rorschac, he makes everything feel depressing and ominous just as it should...

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Caligula reviews "Street Fighter : Legend of Chun-Li" 0

Let me start off by, warning you. This Film blows, it blows on such a massive level it makes the first "Street Fighter" movie almost bearable.Well I'm going to start off with the characters, you think in a Street Fighter movie there wouldn't be such a lack of characters I mean they had an entire roster to chose from and all we get are Chun-Li, M. Bison, Vega, Gen, Balrog, and Charlie if you even count Charlie, i sure as hell don't. I mean where is Guile, or Ryu, or Ken, for christ's sake i would...

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