Clash of the Comics 7 : Kingpin vs. Firestar


The Kingpin was the first kingpin of crime in the Marvel Universe and is easily arguable to still be the best. He sought to unite all crime in New York City under his control and was an antagonist to both Spider-man and Daredevil. Kingpin also has a degree in political science, and portrays himself as a legitimate businessman to the general public. 

Firestar is a mutant who like many other mutants manifested their powers during a stressful moment in their teenage years.  Her first appearance was actually in the Spider-Man cartoon in the early 80s.  Four years afterwards was her first comic appearance but unlike her cartoon version she was initially recruited to work for Emma Frost and the Hellion Club 

A_O_N: The Kingpin was the first of his type and set a trend for future kingpins that sought to carve their own legacy inspired by the original.

RazzaTazz: The mutant story is told so many times in such similar ways it would be hard to give it the edge here.


The Kingpin doesn’t have any superpowers except perhaps a slight dose of super strength.

Her powers are basically control of microwaves though this gives her additional abilities as her control is so strong.  She can create intense heat and also fly.   

A_O_N: Firestar would win in a solo fair fight.

RazzaTazz: Firestar would win if she could get past the army of assassins.  


The Kingpin doesn’t have a costume and he wears business attire. 

For being an early 80s inspired fashion victim, Firestar's costume holds up pretty well so much so that it hasn't ever really been redesigned (though it has been modernized)

A_O_N: Firestar – As usual having a costume trumps not having one.

RazzaTazz: Firestar –  I can<t pull of 80s fashion in modern day so I gotta go with Firestar on this one.


The Kingpin is greedy, determined and manipulative based on his actions. He wants to control crime due to the power and wealth it would indulge him with, and he even uses some of his cover business operations such as that of a spice trader in order to finance his operations. But the Kingpin also has a more humane element to him, that of a husband and father. At one time, he even quit his career at the discretion of his wife.  

She is often portrayed as somewhat of a socially awkward and confused person because of her powers, but she had come in to her own as a member of the Avengers.     

 A_O_N: The Kingpin – I like Kingpin’s personality outside of his work as it adds more depth to the character. It doesn’t follow the cliché of an abusive relationship or the crime boss being in charge of his own prostitution business.

RazzaTazz: The Kingpin – Archnemesis to on superhero and pretty major villain to another, Kingpin deserves the win in this category for being such an engaging villain.  


The Kingpin is a bald and vast figure. Not really a contender for the looks department. 

In some sense she doesn't differ much from other mutants in that her background story is very similar to some, but she is also consistently written as a fairly deep character

A_O_N: Firestar – This is not even a competition.

RazzaTazz: Kingpin because he is so characteristic, Firestar looks cool too but she looks like a hundred other characters.  

Best Story:

I’m not too familiar with some of his classic stories, but when Spider-man revealed his identity to the world, the Kingpin hired Spider-man rouges gallery to go after those closest to Peter Parker. Spidey reverted to his darker costume and almost let his anger get the best of him. The story culminated in the “death” of Aunt May which then led to the most hated story in Spider-man’s history.

I am a sucker for comic book romances (well ones that are well written) so the relationship between her and Marvel Boy is one of the better ones in my opinion.

A_O_N: Kingpin – Where Firestar is a character that writers often struggle to write, the Kingpin does not suffer from such misfits and is a prominent character in whatever he pops his big head in.       

RazzaTazz: Kingpin because of the nuances in the writing of him and how he almost always is the antithesis of the hero facing him.         

Fun Fact:

The Kingpin has tried to quit his career a few times. However, he has not been able to live peacefully in his retirement. In his latest such attempt he was attacked by the assassin Lady Bullseye which forced him out of retirement. 

Unlike DC which has been inspired from the small screen to create new characters for comics, Firestar is one of the very few Marvel characters to have made the jump the opposite way.  

A_O_N: Kingpin – Just like what Batman would say that he can’t retire and go play golf. However, in the Kingpin’s case it is a bit opposite but it stills delivers the same message that either you die or you continue in your endeavors. And, that your past will catch up to you even when you go to hide in a foreign country.

RazzaTazz: I always have a soft spot for those characters that go from tv to comics, I don't know why.  

Media Appearance:

The Kingpin appeared in the Daredevil movie as a crime boss and hired Bullseye to rid of both Daredevil and Elektra. But I think his most memorable media appearance, is the one from the Amazing Spider-man cartoons.

She started out in other media, and this is still where a lot of people know her best from, although those appearances are the majority of her appearances outside of comics.  

A_O_N: Firestar – Her career began as a result of her popularity through her media appearance.   

RazzaTazz: Kingpin because he has been more relevant in the media overall than Firestar has 

Current Whereabouts:

Being offered and then rejected to become the leader of the Hand due to the efforts of Daredevil – who desired not to let the organization fall into the hands of one of his mortal enemies and instead pursued a noble cause to change the organization from within as its new leader. However, this led to Daredevil’s own downfall and him being controlled by an evil entity per the events of Shadowland. In the aftermath Daredevil went missing, and Kingpin got to take over the Hand like he wanted. We haven’t seen much of him since then, but he’s out there certainly plotting his next grand scheme, shall we say.

Firestar is a member of the Young Allies, meting out justice superhero style.  

A_O_N: There are too many superheroes that outshine Firestar to make her endeavors outstanding and the Young Allies are somewhat of an annoying bunch. But, the Kingpin, on the other hand, I’m interested to see where he goes next.

RazzaTazz: I go with a tie here they are pretty prominent members of the Marvel universe.   

A_O_N: 5 – 4; RazzaTazz: 5 – 3

Total: 10 – 7

The Kingpin: Business. That’s all it ever is, business.

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Posted by info nation

I just don't know, Kingpin could easily beat Firestar in a physical strugglr, but he'd NEVER be able to get that close! (Unless of course, he found some way to trick her in to it...)

Posted by AutodidacticLad

This is ridiculous. If it really came down to it, Kingpin and any of his crappy villain-for-hires would be ash.