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Peter Cooley was an IRA terrorist who killed several British soldiers in Northern Ireland. He was disgusted by the IRA entering peace talks with British government and broke off from the group wanting to continue fighting the British. He visited his uncle Finn Cooley in Canada when his uncle got a letter about 10 million dollars an old Irish gangster in Hell's Kitchen left his uncle. Together they travel to New York City to go after the money with Peter wanting to use it to fund attacks against the British going not wanting the IRA to give up its war against the British.


The Peter Cooley character was created by Garth Ennis during his Punisher run on the MAX imprint. Garth Ennis used Peter to show his distaste for the IRA and his view that the IRA is only making things worse.

Major Story Arcs

Kitchen Irish

Peter wouned by Yorkie Mitchell and Andy Lorimer

Peter Cooley followed his uncle Finn Cooley to New York City where they met up with Michael Morrison trying to collect ten million dollars left by a dead Irish Gangster. Finn tried to kill others looking for the money with bomb that exploded early and the three of them after realizing the bomb failed plan to meet up with the River Rats to work on a plan to collect the money. The three of them waiting at a bar the River Rats frequented were instead confronted by the Punisher. Before, anyone can do anything the River Rats entered the bar and the Punisher opened fire on the River Rats. Peter along with his uncle and Michael tried to flee out of the bar through the rear exit where they were confronted by Yorkie Mitchell and Andy Lorimer. Peter was wounded in the fire fight and his uncle grabbed a hostage and he and Michael left Peter behind even though he was begging them not leave him. Andy Lorimer, Yorkie Mitchell, and the Punisher having won the firefight took Peter as their prisoner back to his base for interrogation.

At the base Peter was questioned by Yorkie Mitchell and told Yorkie he will tell the Brit nothing. Yorkie laughed at him and after Peter refused to answer anything again and Yorkie walked out of the room and left Peter alone with the Punisher. The Punisher then proceeded to rip the badges off Peter Cooley's legs from his gunshot wounds and Peter passed off from the pain. When Peter woke up broken and told them everything he knew about the money they were going after and the others like Maginty who were also going after the money. Peter was kept in the base and fed while the Punisher, Yorkie, and Andy went out to destroy Finn Cooley and the others involved in trying to get this money. After, Finn Cooley died and everyone was killed the Punisher, Yorkie, and Andy return to the base and take Peter for a ride to an abandoned building which Andy Lorimer walks Peter Cooley behind and kills him.

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