Nick Fury really is the biggest badass.

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After reading the Secret Warriors TPB vol. 1 it was made clear. 
The single, best moment of it all was when hes talking to Gabe about killing former S.H.I.E.L.D. members that were now in H.A.M.M.E.R. and it just made my day.
If you know what im talking about then you know just how amazing it was reading it the first time.

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Nick Fury is the MAN!

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"Nick Fury is the biggest badass"
This guy begs to differ;

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Fury's list made me lol

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Nick Fury is made of awesome.

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Norman's hair is awesome.
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@Jake Fury:  tootsie rolls. =]
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from Secret Invasion through whats dropped in the current run of Secret Warriors, Fury has made me a believer. i thought he was alright before - showing up to hand out some orders. but really glad he has his own arcs in the new title. Nicks really coming off gruff and hard as steel lately. cant believe i still havent read Secret War yet..where he had his falling from grace. maybe its just 1 too many 'Secret's.

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There is no single character in fiction that is more badass

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Fury is the biggest bad ass in all comic books. When you have the capes doing what you want you know your the man... God help the Marvel U if he decides to ever be evil. He could run the world in about 24 hours.
Oh also one of the coolest parts in all the Secret Warriors run is when he stole helicarriers... not a helicarrier... a small fleet of them.

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His forum says he recently did go evil. 1st thought was say wuh? 2nd was AWW SHIT lol cuz while punishers a ba hes just a criminal killer Fury wel who knows wht he will do i mean like u said he steals hellicariers n tht was being a good guy whts the bad version of tht
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@Korg said:

 didn't Punisher have the same things on his list? in Punisher the List? or was that Fury's list he had?
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Nick Fury may just be the baddest badass ever.  Yes, that includes the Punisher.

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Nick Fury kicks ass.

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