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Myron, a mild-mannered man with a job at I.B.M. and an avowed vegetarian, was one day bitten by a werewolf.


Myron Clotz was created by Michael T. Gilbert.

Character Evolution

Millie Feinstein

After being bitten by a werewolf, Myron had difficulty adjusting to his new status. While being a werewolf, he was approached by Crudlick, leader of the Were-Devils Athletic Club, with an offer to join them. Myron declined, but was persuaded by force to join. After initiation ofcourse. Myron must first kill someone to join the club. While in his wolf form, he attacked a woman. The woman shrieked, then smiled. She was his collegue Millie Feinstein, who developed a crush on Myron. The two went out, with Myron forgetting about Crudlick. But Crudlick didn't forget Myron. Crudlick kidnapped Millie, telling Myron to kill Mr. Monster before he could get Millie back.

Myron didn't set out to kill Mr. Monster, but instead asked him for help. The Were-Devils had followed Myron to Stearn Mansion and attacked Mr. Monster. However, Mr. Monster killed most of them and putting the survivors on ice in Stearn Mansion's Secret Sanctum. Crudlick himself was thrown into a pool of acid.

Performing an experimental operation on Myron, Mr. Monster was able to "cure" Myron from his werewolf curse by inserting a surgical implant into Myron's cerebral cortex. When the moon is full, the wolf-hormones trigger the device, putting Myron to sleep for the duration of the full moon, making Myron the world's first lycanthropic narcoleptic.

One month later, Myron and Millie asked Mr. Monster to be their best man for their wedding.

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