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Guy humor at it's best-plain and simple

My Name is Bruce is a great film for guys... But your wife/girlfriend will probably hate it. The film stars Bruce Campbell playing himself (or more accurately a broke womanizing hasbeen boozer coward version of himself) The film starts like many horror films before it, Teenagers drinking and making out in a graveyard decide to vandalise the hollowed grounds and release an ancient demon-Guan Di, the god of the dead and... bean curd!?! (remember the bean curd thing it turns out to be a big plot device later) So of course one of the teenagers survives and thinks there is only one person who can stop Guan Di, his idol actor Bruce Campbell. When we first see Bruce he is shooting a sequel to one of his many low budget films, Cavealien II (parody of actual Campbell movie Alien Apocalypse) Bruce is of course depicted as kind of a sleezy jerk, hitting on everything with two legs, treating the crew and his fans like trash, and of course is either drunk or hungover at all times. Bruce's agent who has booked him in terrible role after terrible role promises to make it up to him for his birthday, and when the teenage fan kidnaps him and takes him to the small town of Goldlick, Bruce thinks he is the star of his own personal movie, but when he realises Guan Di is the real deal he is forced to choose between being himself or like the characters he plays. 
Very funny performance by Bruce Campbell, as long as you get he is poking fun at both himself and his body of work. Ted Raimi is hillarious in his 3 roles especially as Wing the gravekeeper, and cameos from actors who appeared in each of the previous Evil Dead films was a great touch. 
My Name is Bruce is definately going to be up your alley if your a fan of Bruce Campbell, B-Movies, and slapstick comedy.  
A must see for Bruce Campbell fans, a should see for horror fans, and a film everyone else should at least consider renting. 
4 out of 5
Posted by EganTheVile1

On a sidenote my GF did hate this film but my mom got into my old DVD collection and loved it.... weird

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