My Top Non-Marvel/DC Live Action Films List

This is a list of my favourite Non-Marvel/DC Live Action Films. So basically any comic book film that isn't based on a Marvel or DC comic.

I will be updating my film lists by watching as many as I can and giving a summary of my thoughts. I will also be reviewing some.

List items

Posted by funnyfishman

I hate it when people say that it's just Marvel and DC and act like all other comics are unexistant. Finally justice to every other comic company!

Posted by fACEmelter88

The Crow sequels have been pretty bad hopefully we'll get a good sequel or reboot soon. I loved Tank Girl when I was a kid but I saw it like 9 months back and it wasn't the movie I remember...seriously you could see the wires when the kangaroo people were jumping but I still like it, sorta, it's so bad it's good.

Posted by Dragonborn_CT

I find weird finding AVP Requiem and Son of the Mask here. Anyways its your list I suppose.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@funnyfishman: Sorry for the very late reply. Yes it is a bad thing when people only think about Marvel and DC as although I get more stuff from them some of my favourite comics are from the likes of Image, Dark Horse, and Dynamite.

@facemelter88: Again sorry for the very late reply. Yeah the Crow sequels were pretty bad, and I personally think they should either do a good film or leave it alone. Tank Girl for you is what Batman and Robin, and Master of the Universe was for me as a kid, as I loved them then but dislike them now (especially Batman and Robin).

@dragonborn_ct: They are on her cause they are based on comic books, as I try and put everything I've seen. Doesn't mean they're good hence why they are so close to the bottom. I'd give AVP Requiem a 2 stars, and Son of the Mask a 1 star (that was a terrible film).