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 Wermis was the captain of the Imperial Star Destroyer Devastator when it attacked and captured the Tantive IV over Tatooine. Months after the Battle of Yavin, Wermis was still serving as captain of the Devastator during the Battle of Ultaar. Wermis couldn't stomach Darth Vader's torture of the Rebel that led him to Tyler Lucian, which Darth Vader found quite amusing.

Wermis then took Vader to Centares and continued to serve alongside him as Vader searched for the name of the pilot that destroyed the Death Star. During Vader's involvement with the Rebels at Yavin 4 and Baron Tagge, Wermis managed to captured the Millennium Falcon, but the Rebels sabotaged the Devastator enough for it to escape.

Sometime prior to the Battle of Hoth, command of the Devastator was given to Captain Nevik.  

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