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Major Story Arcs

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode

Mrs. Strode is the mother of Luther Strode. She and Luther live together in an apartment building. She often worries about her ex-husband Mr.Strode as he used to beat her but Luther settles her down. In Issue #5 Mrs. Strode finds out about Luther's 'Talent' and questions Pete for answers however they are interrupted when The Librarian breaks in. Pete tries to defend Mrs. Strode by smashing a lamp over The Librarian's head and tell Mrs. Strode to run, Mrs. Strode runs to get a gun and tries to shoot The Librarian he however dodges the bullet and knocks out Mrs. Strode. In Issue #6 The Librarian has taken Mrs. Strode to the docks and chained her up to bait Luther into coming to meet him. Luther's show up and he breaks her free & then a fight between The Librarian and Luther ensures. The Librarian throws blood in Luther's eye blurring the visibilty & tricks him into punching his own mother in the throat thus killing her.

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