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Penelope Ann Miller as Margo Lane

In the film Shadow directed by Russell Mulcahu, Margo Lane is played by Penelope Ann Miller.

In the movie Margo Lane is the daughter of atomic scientist Reinhart Lane. She is eccentric socialite with psychic powers. She meets Lamont Cranston in the Cobalt Club. They immediately feel attraction to each other. Despite his training, Cranston can't hide his thoughts from Margo, so he tries to avoid her. Shiwan Khan hypnotizes Margo and sends her to kill Cranston, hoping that after Cranston kills her his dark side is reawakened. After Margo (unsuccessfully) shoots him, Cranston frees her from Khan's control but she figures out his secret identity. She asks him to rescue her father, who was kidnapped by Shiwan Khan. Together they investigate the last known sighting of Khan, a seemingly empty lot in the middle of the city. The place in Hotel Monolith, Khan's secret base, but he hypnotized the entire city so nobody can see it but Cranston. Margo goes to the library to investigate the building, while Shadow confronts Farley Claymore, scientists who is secretly in league with Khan. Farley traps Shadow in a pressure-testing tank, but Margo hears Cranston's mental call and arrives just in time to save him from drowning. Later Margo Lane and Moe Shrevnitz are given secret orders to arrive to the Hotel Monolith. When Khan is wounded by Shadow, the hotel loses invisibility. Inside the hotel Margo finds her father and helps him to defuse Khan's bomb, saving the city.

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