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Taken by the Angelus
Lauren Franchetti was the wife of the Italian mob boss, Frankie Franchetti. She lived a satisfying life style as the mobster's wife until she had an extramarital affair, which Frankie ultimately discovered. Her husband then tortured and killed her lover while forcing Lauren to watch. This event was so traumatic, that it left her in catatonic like state for the rest of her life. It was later discovered that her daughter, Appolonia, also witnessed the cruel act that caused her mothers state. Vowing revenge against her father, Appolonia attempted to summon the Angelus, however, the entity chose Lauren over Appolonia.   While the Angelus entity, which normally completely takes over its host, allowed a portion of Lauren's personality to exist. This was evident by the fact that she still considered Appolonia to be her daughter. However, this eventually ended what Lauren decided to finally give herself to the Angelus, allowing to completely supplant her will. 
After a number of confrontations with her with her adopted nephew, Jackie Estacado, the current bearer of the Darkness, Lauren was killed when Appolonia herself stabbed her mother with the Spear of Destiny.  Lauren, now herself again tried to warn Jackie, Appolonia and Patience that the Angelus would seek a new host ( Patience) but failed to do so in time.  However Patience was able to expel the ancient force and it left to find a new host.   Before dying Lauren wept tears of joy that her  suffering was finally allowed to end and she was genuinely happy to see both her daughter and Jackie one final time before passing away.

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