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Klobok was a Skrull scholar who studied ancient Skrull writings and traditions, which eventually got him sent to a penal colony by the Super Skrulls. When the planet was destroyed by the Annihilation Wave, he escaped and continued his studies - mostly in the areas of sorcery. Wanting to rekindle his endangered race, he learned more magic from the spirit of Doctor Dredd and took his identity.

He made a bargain with the Wraith Queen Volx to free the Dire Wraiths from their prison in Limbo, but secretly planned to turn them all in to Skrulls to repopulate his race.


Klobok was created by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. His first appearance was in Annihilators #1 disguised as Doctor Dredd. It wasn't revealed that he was a Skrull until issue #3 and his name not revealed until issue #4 of the same series.

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