When did Kaine learn Japanese?

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I can't believe it took me this long to notice but as I was flicking through my Scarlet Spider scans I noticed part where a ninja talks to him in Japanese and he replies back in Japanese.

Now i'm fairly certain i've never seen Peter Parker speak in fluent Japanese so Kaine didn't get it from his memories. Did I miss something in Kaine's/Peter's past or do you think this will be elaborated on later?

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Kaine's been off the radar for a while, hasn't he? Maybe he traveled for a while, took some classes, or used Rosetta Stone.

Either way, Kaine has had many years to develop into his own person and is well past being a simple carbon copy of Peter Parker.

#3 Posted by ghostrider fan1 (886 posts) - - Show Bio

@Crash_Recovery: i agree, I think he has become a fairly unique character

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Kaine was almost six years old (Ben had been gone from New York for five, Kaine once said he had trained for months with Warren to become Peter, then add the time it took Warren to create Ben (and train him), you get six, maybe seven years), when he first appeared in the 90's. And let's say, it's been a year or two (in-universe) since then, so he's had almost a decade to pick up Japanese and Spanish at one point or another. It's not like his DNA defines him and he can't learn something new, that Peter doesn't know.

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He still has Peter's intelligence, flawed though he may be. It should be child's play for Kaine to pick up Japanese at some point. Besides, Japan seems to be a nice vacation spot for murderous psychopaths...

Or offput vigilantes...

To find their center and refocus on the important things in life. Kaine falls under both categories, so it only makes sense that he'd end up there as well and learn the lingo.

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@JonSmith: Fair point. I wonder if we'll see ninja skills in future issues lol.

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@Strider92: I'm holding out for a clan of Spider Ninja's under Kaine's command, personally.

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oh kaine

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@Strider92: I was reading for the third (or is it fourth) time the Scarlet Spider comic books (Yost, we love you!!!), when it hit me! I said to myself, now here's a good thread and someone will know! But you got me and, d..n, nobody knows! Well, I guess that should make us happy, cause Yost will definitely has something in his dirty, brilliant mind!!!!

#10 Posted by Strider92 (18001 posts) - - Show Bio

@Phaedrusgr: Yeah i'm starting to think Kaine might be a better fighter than he's letting on. If you know what I mean!

#11 Posted by Phaedrusgr (1701 posts) - - Show Bio

@Strider92: In a strange and different way, he's holding back perhaps more than Peter, cause Peter knows that he's no monster. So, Peter's been holding back physically, feeling responsible, being an ethical character etc, while Kaine's been holding back mentally, trying to prove to himself (and the others? Peter?), he's not a monster anymore. That's what I get. If that's the case, I think that after the coming of the Other, Kaine will no longer feel like fighting the monster in him. Let's see the goodies, Yost has for us.

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