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Fear Me Mortal Guys

Well with Jubilee making her appearance back into the X-Men soon (Not like her return when she sat and talked to old friends we all were suppoused to believe she knew and have her being told off by some uppity little brat) we've all seen how she'll be making her return as a Vampire. Well thats good and all i think it only matters to fans that she's back but to me being the sometimey jubes fan I am just want her back as Jubilee power/powerless just the personality now I don't know too much about the story but it seems like Jubilee won't be the same Jubilee we know, she won't be the bratty banana rain coat wearing twerp who always questioned things she didn't like. Other then her scouring for blood, She'll probably be the pity party crying over her humanity, getting sad because it's hopeless, and scary the other New X-Men i can see it now. Random Student Scared because things are getting out of hand: Were going to end up just like that Jubilee aren't we I don't want to die. (While Jubilee hears from the corridor and has some inner conflict thing). I for one don't want to see it I really just want the Jubilee we've seen grow up before our eyes, it's really sad she's never even got to see her old family I was reading an incredible post over at CBR forums about the personality she could bring to the table:     

And saving Jubilee's life and powers is pointless if they're not doing anything with her. So, my idea is that Jubilee get made into the new "rebel" of the team. Looking back, it seems like she was practically bred for the role. She had the hard-knock background, the disrespect for authorities and her earliest days were spent on the X-Men's Blue Team with all their other crazies. The thing is that back then she was just the willful kid on the team. She'd try to rebel or call someone on their crap and she'd just get a stern look and be made to back down. She's not a kid anymore, though. Now she can sit at the grown-ups table and hold her own with the best. If she thinks another X-Man needs to be put in their place, she could do it now without seeming like the disrespectful twerp. Amd honestly, it seems like Scott's "regime" could use someone like this.

This is so true Jubilee is the only one that would fill in this position and after this event where will she end up? What are your thoughts on the subject.

See you soon Jubilee you poor character caught in the middle of an attempt to keep up with Pop Culture



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Jubilee has gotten good character development from the New Warriors and I hope it stays that way. She can be like a mentor for the New X-men kids because she seems like the type to relate to them besides Rogue and some of the New Mutants. I think it's ridiculous of Jubilee becoming a vampire (stupid stupid Twilight).

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I would like to see Jubilee in X-Men Legacy with Rogue, after this Vampire event ends.

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That's exactly what I mean they are going to throw perfectly good development out the window to make her another stereotypical tragic vampire hero. Stupid Stupid Twilight indeed
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LMAO Hi-larious
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I hope Marvel is listening to our cries..>GIVE JUBES HER POWER BACK

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