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Jubilee's Powers Manifest

Jubilation Lee is a Chinese-American girl who was born in Los Angeles, California, where she lived with her wealthy immigrant parents. An immensely talented gymnast, she was believed to have the potential to participate in the Olympic Games. However, Jubilation used her agility engaging in petty robberies with her best friend, making their escape on their roller blades. Most of her time was spent in malls. One day, Jubilee was trapped in a dead-end alley by a pair of mall cops. Fearing juvenile detention, and her parents‘ reaction, she panicked and her mutant powers activated for the first time, destroying the entire alley.

Jubilee told her parents about her strange new abilities, but it didn’t seem to be a problem, as she soon learned how to control it to a limited degree. However, her parents were later murdered by criminals Reno and Molokai, hired by Hunter Brawn, who disguised the murder as a car accident. Jubilee was handed over to a couple in the neighborhood, but soon ran away to live at the closest thing that felt like home, the mall. There she survived by giving demonstrations of her mutant plasmoid powers for spare change, impressing many with her powers, and through petty theft. It was while living in this mall that she would first encounter the X-Men, and begin on her path as a superhero.


Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee was created by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri. She first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #244.

Character Evolution

Jubilation Lee

Jubilee has gone through many changes in her life. She was introduced in the Uncanny X-Men but it was some time before she actually became an X-Man. In the meantime she became one of most famous sidekicks in the early nineties fighting by Wolverine's side. She eventually joined the X-Men as part of that group's "Blue Team" when they were separated into two teams. Jubilee, at the time, was the youngest X-Man. Extremely energetic and outgoing, Jubilee had no qualms when it came to showing her emotions. Adopting a unique style, Jubilee didn't wear a standard X-Men uniform, instead wearing her trademark yellow coat, sunglasses, gloves and boots. Although she hasn't used this costume throughout her life with the X-Men, all her costumes have incorporated aspects of her classic costume, in particular her yellow coat. After being part of the X-Men for quite a while, Jubilee became a founding member of Generation X, a team of 'neo-mutants', who needed training in their powers. Jubilee was part of the team for its entire existence, establishing new relationships and developing her powers, becoming one of the most powerful members of the team. By the time the school was closed and the team disbanded, Jubilee had matured, moving to Los Angeles and becoming a part of the short-lived X-Corps. One of Jubilee's closest brushes with death came when she was crucified by the mutant-hating Church of Humanity, an event which resulted in the death of her former Generation X team-mate Angelo " Skin" Espinosa. Skin's death had a profound effect on Jubilee, sending her into an emotional spiral where she went from feeling tremendously guilty to acting rebellious and committing petty crimes. Cyclops eventually decided that Jubilee needed a "mental break" and didn't assign her to any of the X-teams.

After M-Day, Jubilee lost her mutant powers, but still remained involved with mutant affairs (running both a pro-mutant newsletter and a halfway house for depowered mutants). Jubilee then became the founding member and field leader of a new version of the New Warriors, a team of former mutants, given powers through technologically-enhanced suits. During her time on the team, Jubilee became very outspoken in her disapproval of leader Night Thrasher's underhanded and suspicious actions, resulting in an increasing amount of conflict between the two. She had become more mature and driven, taking her role as the team's field leader very seriously. After the team disbanded, Jubilee became a victim of a vampire suicide attack targeting her, causing her to become infected and transform into a vampire. She briefly turned on the X-Men but was eventually defeated and captured. For a while Jubilee was undergoing rehabilitation for her vampiric urges, using the healing factor in Wolverine's blood to keep her from losing control. For quite some time, Jubilee became a more dark, brooding individual. She struggled to fit in as neither really a human or a mutant. However, with the help of Wolverine, X-23, Gambit, and other friends in the X-Men, she more or less regained an appreciation of living life to the fullest, and once again became a valued and caring member of the X-Team. Jubilee later stayed with Raizo Kodo and his Forgiven, learning to control herself without relying on Wolverine's blood, and better practicing her vampire abilities. Jubilee recently returned to the X-Men, this time, with an orphaned baby in tow. A teenage vampire, part mutant-part human, X-Man, and now adoptive mother, Jubilee has yet again found her way back home and in the heat of action.

Major Story Arcs

Early Adventures

While homeless and living at the mall following the death of her parents, Jubilee steals to survive and is a constant annoyance to the mall rent-a-cops. Finally growing tired of her, and frustrated by their inability to catch her, they call the mutant-hunting M Squad to capture her. As luck would have it Storm, Rogue, Dazzler and Psylocke are visiting the mall from their home base in Australia, courtesy of a portal created by Gateway. Jubilee notices the four female X-Men, and is struck by their beauty and poise. It is while she is following them around the mall that she is suddenly attacked by the M Squad. Seeing Jubilee attacked, the four women easily defeat the M Squad, after which they go back to Australia through the gateway. Unbeknownst to them, Gateway leaves the portal open long enough for Jubilee to follow them through it.

First meeting

Alone in the Australian outback, and unsure of what the X-Men would do to her if they discovered her presence, Jubilee creates a small hiding place in their base to live in. After a brief run-in with the villain known as Nanny, Jubilee's presence is still unknown to all but Gateway, who keeps quiet about it. Some time later the Reavers come to the base to reclaim it (as it was originally theirs), only to discover that many of the X-Men have already left. Psylocke, Havok, Colossus and Dazzler enter the Siege Perilous to escape from the Reavers, with no knowledge of Jubilee still being there. Caught by surprise when he returns, Wolverine is taken by the Reavers and crucified on a giant wooden X. Jubilee witnesses this event from hiding, and is terrified, but does not want to leave the injured man alone. Using all of his remaining strength, Wolverine frees himself from the X-shaped crucifix. After trying to decide whether she should help Wolverine or look out for her own safety, Jubilee risks being detected by the Reavers in order to rescue him. She then nurses him back to health in her makeshift hideout inside the outback base, sneaking past the Reavers on multiple occasions in order to collect food, bandages and medicine. Delirious and hallucinating from his injuries, Logan lashes out towards Jubilee, baring his claws to her for the first time. Acting on fear and pure instinct, Jubilee blasts him with her energy bursts, sending him flying across the room. After he comes back to his senses, Wolverine decides it best for them to make an escape to a more secure area. Teaming up for the first time, Wolverine and Jubilee manage to take down several of the Reavers' cybernetic dogs. Donald Pierce of the Hellfire Club then attacks them while leading a group of Reavers in search of Wolverine. Thinking that he only has to deal with the feral mutant, and unaware of Jubilee's presence, Pierce is buried under a pile of rubble that Jubilee blasts off of the ceiling. Safe for the time being, they escape to Sydney, where they board a ship to Madripoor.

Once on the island of Madripoor, Wolverine and Jubilee begin to form a close bond while waiting for his mutant powers to heal his horrible injuries. Then Jubilee is captured by The Mandarin and Lady Mandarin (who is actually a mind-controlled Psylocke). When Lady Mandarin leads her to believe Wolverine is dead, Jubilee unleashes a massive burst of power in a fit of grief, anger and rage, completely destroying Mandarin's fortress. The damage she causes frightens Jubilee badly, and makes her extremely wary of using her powers to their full potential, out of fear of hurting someone. Freed from her brainwashing by the blast, and with Mandarin defeated, Psylocke joins Wolverine and Jubilee in their travels.


Blue team

After hearing of mutants being attacked on the island nation of Genosha, the trio make their way there. They meet Boom Boom and Rictor, who had lost their powers. Leaving Jubilee to guard the depowered mutants, Wolverine and Psylocke attempt to invade the Genoshan Magistrate headquarters, but are captured. The three young mutants escape capture, and help the other X-Men defeat Cameron Hodge. Upon returning to the United States, Jubilee joins Storm, Wolverine, Forge, Psylocke, Banshee and Gambit as a member of the X-Men. Although she accompanies them on many of their missions, they remain wary of placing her in harm's way because of her young age. When Wolverine is kidnapped by The Hand, Jubilee argued that she should be allowed to help (as she had previously fought and defeated The Hand), and finds an unlikely ally in Psylocke. After run-ins with the Skrulls, the Brood, Omega Red and Mojo Jubilee is finally made to stay at the mansion by the X-Men, and is not permitted on missions anymore due to her age.

When Professor X is almost killed by a villain named Stryfe, who appears to be Cable, the X-Men are quick to suspect Cable of the deed. It is Jubilee who persuades the X-Men that he may not be the culprit, as no one knows what Stryfe really looks like, and he could therefore be disguised as Cable. Once Professor X is cured he regains the use of his legs for a short time, and Jubilee takes him roller blading to cheer him up. After spending some time bonding with him she realizes that he isn't the stuffy old man she took him for, and they grow closer. After his legs begin to weaken, Jubilee helps him back into his wheelchair, realizing that just being there to help means more to him than anything she could say. Some time later Jubilee accompanies Wolverine to their old base in Australia. Their arrival sets off a dormant Sentinel, brought from the future Trevor Fitzroy, whose attack interacts with Gateway's portal and sends Jubilee back in time to her parents' house just before they were killed. Certain she could save them from dying in the car crash, she is convincing them not to go when the doorbell rings. At the door stand two armed hit men, Reno and Molokai, who take her parents away at gunpoint. Learning for the first time that that their car accident had been faked, and that they had in fact been murdered, Jubilee swears revenge. Upon returning to the present she tracks the two hit men down, with Logan backing her up the entire time. But once she has her parents' killers at her mercy, she finds that she just can't bring herself to kill them, a revelation that pleases Logan.

Versus Sabretooth

Back at the mansion Jubilee becomes close friends with Colossus's little sister Illyana Rasputin. When Illyana is diagnosed with the Legacy Virus, Jubilee spends all of her time at Illyana’s bedside. When Kitty Pryde arrives Jubilee is jealous of her at first, because she was Wolverines first sidekick, but the two soon form a friendship. Despite all their attempts the X-Men are unable to save Illyana. Jubilee takes her death extremely hard, almost as bad as Colossus. Several weeks later she has another loss to deal with. After Magneto violently removes the Adamantium from Wolverine's skeleton, he decides to leave the X-Men, fearing that he is a liability to them. Knowing how much this will affect Jubilee, he writes her a touching goodbye letter, and leaves his favorite cowboy hat for her. A short time later, Sabretooth is brought to the mansion by Professor X and held in captivity there. Jubilee is terrified of him, and has nightmares of him killing the X-Men and leaving her for last. Attempting to get over her fears she begins to bring food to Sabretooth, who taunts the young girl mercilessly. One night her nightmares almost come true when the mansion's security system goes down and Sabretooth escapes from his cell. He hunts the X-Men throughout the mansion, but in the end it is Jubilee who takes him down with a neuralizer pistol.

When the other X-Men busy, Banshee was the only person to notice that Jubilee is having trouble coping with Wolverine's absence, as well as all that had happened to her since he left. When the Phalanx assimilates most of the X-Men, Jubilee and Banshee were forced to team up with Sabretooth and the White Queen, Emma Frost (who has recently awakened from a coma in the mansion's medical facility), to escape from them. This unusual group worked together to gather all the young mutants listed by Professor X as future allies. The Phalanx was later defeated thanks to the sacrifice of a young mutant girl named Blink.

Generation X

Jubilee joins Generation X

Shortly after these events, the Massachusetts Academy (formerly the home of the Hellions) is reopened as a new home for the young mutants soon to be known as Generation X. Led by Banshee and Emma Frost, the original group consists of Jubilee, Husk, Chamber, Synch, M, Skin, Mondo, and Penance ( Hollow) who is brought to them by Gateway. Seeing the similarities between Penance's arrival in the X-Men's lives and her own, Jubilee suspects that Gateway may have purposely left the portal open for her in the mall the day she first followed the X-Men to Australia. She demands answers from Gateway but receives none. Although the Generation X team is technically only supposed to be in training to use their powers, in true X-Men style they end up fighting several villains before long. One villain in particular, Emplate, quickly becomes the team's arch-nemesis, but Jubilee singlehandedly defeats him on a couple of occasions. At first, Jubilee has trouble adjusting to life away from the X-Men, and irritates her teammates with her constant talk of her adventures with them. After some time she becomes good friends with Synch and develops an attraction to him, which she never reveals. It seems that Synch is attracted to Jubilee, as well, since later in Synch's fantasy of a "perfect life" he imagines running a camp for children together with Jubilee, being her lifemate. While Jubilee gets along well with the other students, she is constantly at odds with M (whose power, according to Jubes, is "being perfect").

Jubilee is soon briefly reunited with Wolverine when she and her teammates go to visit the X-Men at the mansion. Upon seeing his transformation into a more feral form (due to the loss of his Adamantium), she vows to never leave him again. But Logan wants her to return to school, telling her how deeply proud he is of her for wanting to learn to use her powers properly. She goes along with his wishes, but is able to convince him to visit the school to lecture.

Prisoner of Zero Tolerance

Some time later, while trying to escape from Black Tom Cassidy's attack on the Massachusetts Academy , a wounded Jubilee is knocked unconscious and captured by Bastion, the head of Operation: Zero Tolerance. When she awakens to find herself locked in a cell, her panic allows her powers to flare out of control. This breaks her out of the cell, and accidentally injures several guards in the process. Considering escape, she stops when she sees that one man is very seriously injured. Deciding to stay to give the guard CPR, Jubilee manages to save his life, though the guard shows no gratitude at all. Though Jubilee manages to get out of the building, she's stunned by the fall, recaptured and returned to her cell. Bastion uses a machine that shows Jubilee's thoughts and feelings while he interrogates her for key information on the X-Men's security systems. Using terrifying illusions of the X-Men in serious trouble, he is almost able to get the information he wants from her, until he shows her an illusion of Wolverine begging for mercy. Knowing that Logan would never beg for his life, Jubilee realizes that the images she is seeing aren't real, and she begins to resist Bastion, laughing and taunting him, making Bastion so angry that his own mental barriers weaken, letting the machine show his own memories. Despite suffering a severe beating by the enraged Bastion, Jubilee feels victorious.

When the X-Men are captured by Bastion some time later, Jubilee is able to free them, while they remain completely unaware that she is being held captive in the same facility. Bastion beats her mercilessly for this. Jubilee is later able to escape with the help of Daria, a Prime Sentinel working for Bastion who looks like a young girl. While wandering in the desert, she is attacked by a Sentinel, but Wolverine (who catches her scent on the wind and runs many miles to get to her) arrives in time to help the weakened girl. Finally reunited with the X-Men, she helps them destroy a Sentinel plant. Returning to the school, Jubilee learns that many of the other members of Generation X had run-ins with Sentinels while she was away.

The team later learns that M is actually twin girls fused into one entity, and that the real Monet St. Croix had been transformed into Penance by her brother Emplate. This revelation does not bring the two girls any closer, and jealousy over M's growing relationship with Synch pushes them even further apart. Meanwhile, the school is running out of money, and Emma Frost turns to her sister Adrienne Frost for financial help. Adrienne opens the school to human applicants, and the Gen X kids suddenly have to take on secret identities in their own home. During this time Jubilee meets the enigmatic mercenary Paladin, who asks Generation X for help in retrieving a samurai sword, which is being guarded by the villainous Rising Sons, and also asks Jubilee to a date, much to her excitement - in order to avoid suspicions while getting closer to the Rising Sons' boss. After the mission ends successfully, it is revealed that the sword was used to kill Adrienne's husband, and that Adrienne was behind that murder.

When Adrienne Frost turns on them and traps the team in an illusion in which they inhabit the Hellions' bodies on they day they were killed, she is defeated by Emma, but manages to escape. During the illusionary fight Jubilee saves Emma's life from the attacking Sentinels.

Facing her parents murderer

While looking at old photographs on the anniversary of her parents' death, Jubilee sees the villainous Hunter Brawn in an old photo with her parents. She is immediately suspicious, and learns from one of her father's former employees that Hunter Brawn had been laundering lots of money through her father's bank. He tells her that when Mr. Lee discovered this and threatened to go to the police, Mr. Brawn had her parents killed to silence them, making the murder look like a car accident. Enraged, Jubilee plans and skillfully executes an operation to take Brawn down, while other Generation X mutants stop Brawn from removing the witness of his crimes. In order to get past Brawn's security, Jubilee utilizes all of her past experience in stealth, gymnastics, combat and field training. When she finally confronts Brawn himself, her rage once again causes her powers to spike to a massive level. It seems that she comes very close to killing him, but as Jubilee explains later to her Generation X teammates, she would never take a human life, even if it is a murderer such as Brawn. Brawn is placed under arrest by local authorities, and is later sent to prison for the murder of Jubilee's parents.

Some time later Adrienne Frost returns to the school and incites a conflict between the mutant and human students. Jubilee is the first to be revealed as a mutant, and her room, along with all of her belongings (including the only photos she had of her parents and the cowboy hat that Wolverine gave her as a gift) is set on fire and destroyed. The school is bombed and Synch is killed while trying to defuse an explosive. Emma cannot take losing another student after losing the Hellions, and kills her sister in retaliation. The academy is closed to humans, and the remaining members of Generation X rally together to help other kids in need. The death of Synch also brings M and Jubilee's longtime feud to an end, as both girls form a bond from their shared grief.

One of the last missions that Generation X takes is dealing with strange disappearances of "troubled children". The investigation reveals that the man behind the disappearances is one Johnston Coffin, the self-proclaimed Warden of the "House of Correction", where children are cruelly disciplined, broken and even turned into deadly cyborg warriors (nicknamed "Special Children") to enforce Coffin's agenda. With Jubilee acting as field leader, Generation X attacks the House of Correction, defeating Coffin's guards and destroying the Special Children, having no other way to stop them. Coffin himself is brought down by Banshee's sonic attack, and the parents of kidnapped children arrive to take them back home, attracted by Husk's message.

Soon after dealing with the House of Correction Generation X is disbanded, and the school is closed after Banshee turns to alcohol following the death of Moira MacTaggert, and Emma seeks to evade the police, who are investigating her sister's death.

Los Angeles and the X-Corps


Moving to an apartment in Los Angeles with Skin, Jubilee decides to become an actress. Her career is short lived, ending when her unscrupulous agent makes unwanted physical advances toward her. In a fit of rage, Jubilee unleashes a furious blast of energy towards the man, nearly killing him.

She later joins the X-Corps, along with former Generation X teammates M and Husk, so that they can keep an eye on their former teacher Banshee. Both Jubilee and Husk works side by side in fending off the Blob, as well as rescuing Banshee from both Mystique and Abyss. When the group implodes from within and disbands, she returns to Los Angeles to live with Skin.

Return to the X-Men


Jubilee is not heard from until she is found crucified on the X-Men's front lawn along with Skin and several other mutants. Thanks to a transfusion of Angel's healing blood Jubilee survives, but Skin is not so lucky. While staying at the X-Mansion in order to recover both physically and emotionally from her loss, Jubilee confides in Husk as a best friend, revealing that Angelo had become romantically interested in her shortly before his death. She reveals that he had asked her out, but that she had turned him down, and this fills her with regret. Jubilee and Husk, along with Angel, attend Skin's burial. The ceremony is disrupted when the cemetery owner refuses to bury a mutant next to normal humans. Enraged and further saddened, Jubilee decides to have Skin cremated, keeping his ashes to remind her of their love for one another.

Jubilee then joins the ranks of the X-Men for another short tenure, aiding them in their mission to rescue Nightcrawler from his father, Azazel. Shortly after her return to the X-Mansion, Jubilee started to develop a more rebellious nature, due to her grief over the loss of her former team-mate Skin. She begins to sneak out of the institute in order to meet up with friends at a local mall. On one occasion, mall security violently chase down some friends of hers that were skateboarding. Jubilee unleashes her powers on the security guards. The four guards are incapacitated long enough for Jubilee's friends to escape. To her dismay, though, they abandon her because she is a mutant. To make matters worse, Cyclops places her under house arrest because of her actions at the mall.

Going Solo

When Cyclops takes over the X-Men after Xavier's departure to Genosha, he decides that Jubilee needs a mental break. To her dismay, she is not assigned to any of the three teams. Jubilee's Aunt Hope then appears and adopts the teenager, taking her to live with her in Los Angeles. She goes back to high school and makes several friends, including a mutant named Shane Shooter. Jubilee is also assigned to become a peer advisor after getting into a fight with a girl named Missy. This experience makes her more mature and compassionate. Being able to talk with peers about their problems also helps Jubilee come to terms with her own life's difficulties. Jubilee further redeems herself by tracking down her teacher's stolen car, along with Shane Shooter. The two mutants defeat a gang of armed thugs, and the car is returned to the teacher. Shortly afterward, Aunt Hope is revealed to be an assassin when a gun fight breaks out at her house while Wolverine is visiting Jubilee. During the battle Aunt Hope is presumably killed, and a grief-stricken Jubilee moves back to the mansion once again.



Jubilee loses her mutant powers after the events of M-Day, and has a difficult time dealing with this terrible loss. Despite this, she decides to remain active in mutant affairs by founding a pro-mutant activist website called She is interviewed about her power loss by a news reporter called Sally Floyd. Soon afterwards, Jubilee is seen in New York working at a half-way house for depowered mutants, along with another former mutant named Maverick.

When Wolverine comes searching for Maverick, he is startled to find his former sidekick, Jubilee, among the people at the facility. Almost as soon as the two friends are reunited, Omega Red and his mercenaries attack them. Both Jubilee and Maverick try their hardest to get the depowered mutants to safety while Wolverine fends off Omega Red. Wolverine is knocked away from the battle just long enough for Maverick to be injured, and for Jubilation to be kidnapped by Omega Red.

By the time Wolverine is able to locate both Omega Red and Jubilee, it is almost too late. A bomb goes off in the building where Jubilee is being held, due to interference by agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. When Logan arrives at the scene, he is shocked to find a nearly-dead Jubilee impaled through the chest by a fallen support beam from the building. Desperate to save her, and knowing that there is only one way to do so, Wolverine willingly gives himself up to S.H.I.E.L.D. in exchange for their guarantee to save Jubilee's life. Logan is taken into custody, and Jubilee is taken to a S.H.I.E.L.D. medical facility.

New Warriors

As Wondra

After the conflict of the Civil War, it is revealed that Jubilee has become the first to join the newest incarnation of the New Warriors. She takes the codename Wondra, utilizing technological gauntlets that grant her superhuman strength and the power of flight. Jubilee is the New Warriors' field leader, training the team during practice and leading them on patrols and combat missions. She is involved the battle against the Zodiac in which her teammate Longstrike was killed. Jubilee soon begins taking a position of defiance against the team's leader Night Thrasher, noting his unwillingness to reveal his identity, his frequent abandonment of the team during critical moments, as well as his other suspicious activities. Although the rest of the team are accepting of Night Thrasher, Jubilee is very outspoken in her disapproval of his actions, resulting in an increasing amount of conflict between them.

During a fight with Machinesmith (which Night Thrasher leads under the guise of stopping the villain from releasing a dangerous virus), Thrasher once again abandons the team when they need him. Although they give him a run for his money, Machinesmith separates Jono, Angel, Phaser, and Skybolt from the rest of the team. Because of this, Night Thrasher commands his remaining teammates to retreat from battle and leave their captured comrades in apparent danger. Enraged that they left Jono and the other New Warriors behind, Jubilee gives Night Thrasher an ultimatum, either step up to lead the team the right way, or step down and let her do it. Upon their return to Machinesmith's lair, Jubilee and the remaining New Warriors are joined by Grace, Kaz, and Aja. The three technical assistants aide the Warriors in battle by holographically controlling the team's training room robots to confuse the villain. As the three of them search for a way to shut their enemy down, Jubilee and Ripcord fight alongside Night Thrasher to hold Machinesmith at bay. After giving the villain a massive flying sidekick, Jubilee comments that the virus he is working on would never see the light of day. Bewildered, Machinesmith tells her that he has no knowledge of any virus. After defeating him with the help of the three tech aids, the team escapes to seek out a doctor for the wounded Jonathan Starsmore, aka Decibel. Jubilee again confronts Thrasher, saying that he lied to them about the virus Machinesmith was making. Since he is unable to give a justified excuse, the rest of the New Warriors finally realize that Wondra was right all along, and feel betrayed by their leader.

All the while, Jubilee's teammates, all of whom had been former mutants and students of the Xavier Institute, notice a drastic change in her personality and demeanor from her days with the X-Men and Generation X. She has become more mature and driven, taking her role as the team's field leader very seriously. She has also been a lot angrier, especially in response to Night Thrasher's enigmatic and faulty leadership. Jubilee, using her tech weapons under the guise of Wondra, is stated to be the team's most powerful member and a very capable leader. Following the Warriors' trip to a dystopian future, Night Thrasher finally disbands the team.

Nation X

Back in San Fran

Jubilee decides to go to San Fransisco where she meets up with some of the X-Students, who fill her in on the situation on Utopia. She wonders if she would still be accepted within the ranks of her former friends who still have their powers. The younger X-Men readily accept her as the hero she once was, while Surge shows attitude toward her because she no longer has her powers and is not a mutant. Jubilee responds by saying that all depowered mutants are still mutants at heart. Jubes is surprised to discover that Surge is actually jealous of her lack of powers, and wishes to lead a normal life. While Surge, seemingly ashamed of her attitude, offers Jubilee a ride to Utopia with the other mutants, Jubilee ultimately decides not to go to Utopia, and sends a letter to Wolverine saying 'Wish you were here'.

Later Jubilee calls for Wolverine's help in tracking down a killer that has been murdering depowered mutants from a support group that she has been running. The killer goes after Jubilee as well but she fights him off, later telling Logan 'they got away, not my proudest moment.' Wolverine brings along X-23, who is immediately jealous of Jubilee and the father/daughter relationship she shares with Logan (so much so that she cuts herself over it). Having freed the mutants, Logan and Jubilee share a moment of privacy on rooftop, talking about their past, the challenges they had to face, and their feelings to each other - probably their last peaceful moment together.

Curse of the Mutants

Turned into a Vampire

Jubilee and Pixie are hanging out at a sidewalk cafe in San Francisco, when a suicide bomber strikes. His blood is spilled all over the people who are around him, including Jubilee. In Utopia, Cyclops suspects there is more to the attack than meets the eye. An injured Jubilee is brought to Utopia and tells Cyclops the bomber just tore off his coat and exploded. Jubilee's description of "flesh burning in the daylight" makes Cyclops think they're dealing with vampires. It soon becomes apparent that Jubilee was infected with some sort of virus during the bombing, an infection which progresses rapidly in her blood. Dr. Nemesis reveals the virus was manufactured, and that there is no cure for it. That night, all the people infected with the virus during the bombing gather together in the woods, somehow hypnotized, to go to the vampires responsible for the attack. These vampires, led by Xarus (son of Dracula) are expecting Jubilee to show up at any minute, as she was the one he ultimately wanted. As time drags on and Jubilee does not come to them, it becomes apparent that she is far stronger than they had expected. Meanwhile, Jubilee tries to pretend she's okay, but she's growing paler and more uncomfortable in the sunlight by the minute. Once night falls, Jubilee explains that she feels less sick now that the sun is down. She then explains to Dr. Nemesis that she feels something calling to her, a desire that frightens her, but states that she doesn't think she can fight it. Later that night when Dr. Kavita Rao is checking in on her, Jubilee knocks her unconscious and flees Utopia, venturing into San Fransisco. She is drawn into a sinister looking house and is greeted by the vampire Xarus. She begs him to make the empty aching feeling inside her, the one she's felt since being depowered, stop. Xarus bears his fangs and bites her on the neck as she thanks him.

Jubilee turns Wolverine

Wolverine goes to rescue Jubilee, and finds her in the Vampire's hideout, captured and tied upside down. Wolverine frees her from constraints, Jubilee hugs Logan but pretends to see something on his shoulder, telling him there's a vampire behind him. Wolverine immediately spins around to attack, but Jubilee reveals herself to be a vampire and bites Wolverine, telling him she wanted to be the first to welcome him to the 'family', saying he'll thank her later. Jubilee later meets with Xarus in a new black leather outfit, where it's revealed that she successfully turned Wolverine into a vampire. Later when the X-Men contact Xarus to issue him a warning about messing with their town, Jubilee greets them, telling them how fantastic she feels with her new powers. Xarus prepares his vampire army to descend upon Utopia, with Wolverine as the secret weapon. Xarus watches the battle unfold from his headquarters with Jubilee proudly by his side. Then Cyclops reveals that he planned on Wolverine getting bitten and had injected him with nanobots that disabled his healing factor at the DNA level, allowing Wolverine to be turned and used as a Trojan Horse against Xarus. Cyclops then reactivated Wolverine's healing factor and cured him of his vampiric curse. With Wolverine back on their side, the X-Men make quick work of the vampires. Meanwhile Jubilee watches alongside Xarus as the vampire legions are wiped out. Xarus calmly calls for a second wave, but due to how fast he wanted the first attack mounted, there was no second wave to be had. Xarus grows incensed by this news and starts losing it while Jubilee looks on in shock.

As this is happening Dracula, whom the X-Men had resurrected, enters and pardons all the other vampires for their indiscretions against him...except for Xarus. Xarus decides that since he killed his father Dracula once, he could do it again. Jubilee hands him a sword and then watches as the two vampires engage in combat. Meanwhile the X-Men launch a counter strike against the vampires. Using Wolverine's knowledge of Xarus' base, they head in to rescue Jubilee. Dracula ends up defeating Xarus by ripping off his head. Jubilee is stunned by this and goes to attack Dracula, but she is knocked out by the Lord of Vampires. The X-Men arrive to see that Dracula had already killed Xarus for them. Blade goes to attack Dracula but is shot down by Cyclops who uses a bluff to get Dracula to let them leave with Jubilee. Back on Utopia the X-Men have Jubilee held in confinement in a high security cell while trying to figure out what to do with her. Blade wants to stake her, insisting that vampires cannot be rehabilitated, but decides against it after an enraged Wolverine threatens him. Emma Frost and Cyclops also have their disagreements as far as Jubilee is concerned, with Emma initially thinking she should be put out of her misery, stating that the "thing" in the cell is no longer Jubilee. Cyclops insists that she is still in there somewhere, and that they have to help her.

Life as a Vampire

Set up

Under the care of Dr. Kavita Rao, Jubilee's vampire urges are being treated using the healing factor in Wolverine's blood. This allows her to mingle with the rest of the mutant community on Utopia without feeling the desire to bite them. In turn, Jubilee's other vampire abilities such as superhuman strength, speed, and durability remain.

While exercising in the gym on Utopia with the assistance of Rockslide, whom Jubilee is leg pressing, Armor angrily interrupts their session. Armor claims that Jubilee is a threat to their community, and the two young women nearly begin to fight until Wolverine gets involved. He tells Armor to leave his surrogate daughter alone. Jubilation is then sent to Emma Frost's office, where the two discuss her current situation. Emma states that while she doesn't agree with keeping Jubilee around in her present condition, there are many people who care for her and want to help. Asking Jubilee if she wants to discuss college choices, the young vampire retorts with her feelings on how she perceives that everyone on Utopia is afraid of her...and that college is the last thing on her mind. She feels like she is walking around in a daze, constantly on the verge of sleep, afraid to open her mouth because she never knows if she can resist taking a bite of someone. She laments having to constantly rely on Wolverine's blood to dampen her urges. Later on, Pixie decides to take Jubilee outside to see the sunset, since Logan's healing blood allows her to catch mild UV rays. Frustrated with the constant attention she is getting, and wanting some alone time, Jubilee is pushed over the limit when Pixie tries to taunt her into a playful fight. The altercation doesn't last long, as Jubilee uses her superhuman speed to catch up with Pixie seconds after she teleports some distance away, and nearly crushes her with a large boulder.

Shaken by what she nearly did, and feeling the need to escape, Jubilee goes to a bar in San Fransisco, where she has flashbacks of her youth as a mutant, and her first meeting with the X-Men in the mall all those years ago. Interrupted by a beautiful and sinister vampire woman, she is lured into following her instead of heading back to Utopia. Wolverine and Rockslide later find her locked inside a seaside shipping container, along with dozens of dead bodies. Curled up in the fetal position in the corner of the box, covered in blood, Jubilee continuously pleads, "I didn't do it, I didn't do it, I didn't do it..." Wolverine then grabs her from the container, ripping an amulet from her neck that the vampire woman had given to her. He then injects her with a tranquilizer.


When Jubilee awakens, she is in a town in northern Siberia, where Wolverine has taken her to get away from the sunshine. Wolverine tells her he knows she was framed for the murders, but also that he still doesn't trust her. He hands her a knapsack containing some clothes for her to change into, including her old trademark yellow coat, then takes her on his motorcycle to the middle of nowhere. He attacks her and starts to fight her, to see what she can do with her new vampiric abilities. Jubilee doesn't want to fight him at first, but after he punches and kicks her she loses her temper and does the same to him, giving as good as she gets. Logan pops his claws to threaten her, but she evades him and destroys his motorcycle in retaliation, forcing him to walk all the way back to town (her super speed ensuring she arrives there long before him). Back at the hotel, and in a calmer mood, the two mend fences and begin to bond again. Logan tells Jubilee some funny secrets he has learned about the other X-Men, and Jubilee states that she learned she can do more back handsprings than Black Widow. The two then discuss who could have framed Jubilee for the mass murders in the shipping crate in San Francisco. The two are then approached by the hotel owners, who say that there has been a sudden arrival of zombies in the town. They're killing off the animals, and the people are next. They beg Wolverine and Jubilee to investigate, which they do.

Jubilee breaks into an abandoned warehouse and is immediately attacked by a large horde of zombies. Jubilee singlehandedly destroys the zombies with her bare hands, literally tearing them to pieces in a fit of vampiric rage. When the fight is over and the floor of the warehouse is covered in mounds of dead zombies, Wolverine steps from the shadows to survey what Jubilee has done, and asks her if she feels better. Back at the hotel later that night, Wolverine is sleeping when he is awakened by the vampire woman who framed Jubilee for the murders, holding a dazed and beaten Jubilee in her hands.

Jubilee's new power

Logan confronts the vampire woman after chasing her throughout the hotel. She teleports Jubilee into a strange, gravitationally challenged dimension. Slicing off her arms, the woman then directs Wolverine to an underground radioactive mine shaft in Chernobyl. It is there that he must confront her boss, who is in charge of collecting rare valuables, in order to reach Jubilee. The young vampire Jubes falls for a long period of time before reaching her destination. At the same time, Logan comes across a zombie man who acts as a spokesperson for the vampire woman's boss. He slices off his head and finds a box full of medallions. Inside the box, he hears Jubilee's voice and she hears his. Rockslide, all the while, is also searching for his ally Jubilee. He comes across a fire breathing dragon woman at the shipping yard from earlier, who after battling, decides to send Rockslide to the dimension that Jubilee is in.

After exploring her surroundings, Jubilee realizes she is stuck in a dimension that is full of rare treasures such as pyramids, vehicles, space ships, and the like. She travels the landscape using her vampire speed and agility, and comes across a dark man who turns into a huge dragon. Exclaiming that he is the boss of the domain, he begins to chase her down to kill her. Rockslide and Wolverine arrive at the nick of time, and the three reunited X-Men battle the beast. Jubilee throws a huge train at the dragon, which sends it crashing into a building. Excited to see her allies and also more at peace with herself, Jubilee clumsily gets caught in the dragon's fire breath. As Wolverine and Rockslide angrily battle the beast, Jubilee miraculously reforms into a mist form of herself and then fully solidifies back to normal. She grabs a large metal pipe, runs up the dragon's tail, and drives it through his head. Killing the 'boss' allows the three X-Men to return home. Back home, Logan argues with Emma Frost that Jubilee is more comfortable with herself and is also a great ally to the team, whereas Emma simply wants to run tests on the limit of the girl's new found powers. Jubilee and Rockslide share a friendly conversation in San Fransisco as they watch the sun rise.

New Life

After this, the X-Men hold a surprise birthday party for Jubilee on Utopia, however Jubilee storms out, ignoring the attempts of her friends to make her feel normal. Professor X joins her outside and she tells him that every time somebody tries to tell her she's normal, it's just a reminder that it's not true. However, he tells her that no one on the island is normal and he's come to speak to her to offer some perspective. He then tells her a story about a vampire he encountered when he was younger during his travels. After the story, he tells her she's not like Dracula or Xarus and yes she is different, but her friends are still her friends and she is still herself. Jubilee tells him that it's not so easy and she doesn't know where to start.

A brighter outlook on life

During his travels with X-23, Gambit is unsure of how to guide her, so he calls in Wolverine, who is also with Jubilee. As Gambit and Wolverine talk about X-23'S future, Jubilee and X-23 take a walk through Paris, where X-23 suddenly cuts open her own neck, driven for a thirst for blood, Jubilee leaps forward, fangs bared. She restrains herself from biting, but can't help taking a taste. In doing so, she is flooded by X-23's horrific memories. Angered that X-23 tempted her self control, Jubilee tries to punch Laura, but is stopped short of the act. She tells Laura that she left Utopia to get away from people who were afraid of her after realizing that she had changed and she was a danger. X-23 tells her that she understands and feels the same way. X-23 tells her she wanted to see if she would kill her. The next day, Jubilee takes X shopping where X tries on a dress, but she says it feels wrong. Jubilee tells her that clothes are a part of your voice, and you've got to love your voice. However looking in the mirror, and not seeing a reflection, Jubilee asks Laura to remind her she's real. Later, the team discover a new shipment of trigger scent, a scent specifically engineered to trigger berserker rages in Weapon X experiments. Laura tells Jubilee to kill her if she is affected by the trigger scent. As the team is about to find the shipment, Gambit tousles Jubes' hair, saying it's just like old time (referring to their time together on the blue team). Jubilee adds that this time it's with fangs, but Gambit tells her it doesn't matter, she's still the same girl. During the mission, X-23 is exposed to the trigger scent in the Paris underground, with only Jubilee to stop her. Jubilee tries to talk her out of it, but X-23 still tries to kill her, until their fight suddenly leads them in front of a moving train. Jubilee manages to get them both out of the way, but Laura continues the attack until she's stopped by Wolverine and Gambit who manage to snap her out of it. The team then has to deal with the citizens being exposed to the trigger scent. Afterwards, Jubilee talks to X-23 on the Eiffel Tower, where she tells her that she's her friend and she'll always be there for her. She tells X to live life, because life is beautiful and they can do anything and be anyone and that's the definition of being alive. That's magic. And with that, she jumps off the tower, telling her to race her to the bottom.


I want to eat them

In the aftermath of the Schism between Cyclops and Wolverine supporters, Jubilee stayed on Utopia with team Cyclops, much to everyone's surprise. Jubilee however took a trip to the Jean Grey School, founded by Wolverine. It was there that she briefly reuinited with her friend X-23, catching up with a game of mutant football with Iceman and Gambit also joining in. The girls claimed victory over the boys, and then decided to go into the city for a night of both fun and conversation. When asked why Jubilee stayed with team Cyclops, she told Laura that she is now a different person. No longer the child that Wolverine thinks she is, Jubilee is a vampire, like it or not, and is still trying to overcome her urge to eat people. Even though both girls know Jubilee would never harm anyone, she decided it was best to stay on Cyclops' security recon team and fight, rather than stay in a school filled with youngsters. She loves Logan like a father, but cannot side with him at the present time. Deciding to have some fun, Jubilee convinces X-23 to go dancing at a night club. There, they come face to face with a former rival of Laura's. A pedophile and pimp, the girls take action, taking down several of his well-armed goons prior to him escaping. Taking a tip from one of the pimp's call girls, Jubilee and Laura fight their way into his hide-out, taking care of countless thugs and pedophiles on the way and rescuing several underaged girls. Outside, they are surprised to find the Black Widow and SHIELD, who are there to try and recruit X-23. Knowing that their night has ended, both girls bid farewell and head their separate directions.

Jubilee returned to her job as a member of Cyclops' Security Recon division of the X-Men. Joining her teammates on a mission to divert an uprising European country from launching Sentinels and starting a war, she again proved her worth as a valuable asset to the X-Men... this time, as a vampire. Infiltrating a warehouse with Psylocke and Warpath, Jubilee removed several armed soldiers with stealthly sentry-removal tactics. After meeting up with Domino, the warehouse of sentinel robots becomes active, dozens of massive robots taking to the skies to launch a war. Jubilee quickly steals both of Warpath's knives and uses them to latch onto a launching sentinel's leg. Leaving her teammates behind, Jubilee waged war on the robots, using wire-hacking skills that she had previously learned from Forge to short out and detonate the sentinel's boosters while midair. Joined by Storm, War Machine, and Colossus, the four heroes confronted the sentinels head-on, with each claiming victory over numerous enemies. Jubilee, however, made a crash landing on one of the robots, and was approached by Raizo Kodo and the Forgiven once back on the ground. After the air battle had ended, Storm was left wondering what had happened to Jubilee, whom had disappeared.

The Forgiven

After orders from Cyclops, the rest of the X-Men's security recon team went out in search for Jubilee, fearing the worst. She instead had followed the Forgiven back to their hideout, and was being instructed by them on how to survive on animal blood as opposed to craving the blood of humans. No longer addicted to Wolverine's blood, Jubilee had gained control of her darker urges and became a more controlled vampire. After several confrontations with various vampire groups, Storm and the X-Men finally came across Raizo Kodo and the Forgiven. Not giving them any time for an explanation, the X-Men attacked the vampires, who fought back in defense. Just as Domino was going to be defeated by Ghost Blade, Jubilee jumped in to make the save, urging both her fellow X-Men and Forgiven to cease fighing. She explained feverishly to Storm that Raizo and his team were helping her overcome her dark urges and instead, live off of animal blood. She no longer wanted to feel like a threat to humans. The Forgiven's security monitors then sounded off, warning them all that the Assasin's Guild was quickly approaching, with Deadpool, Lady Bullseye, and other mercenaries all in tow to kill Raizo as part of a hired job.

Jubilee decides to stay with the Forgiven

Domino, Warpath, Colossus, and several of the Forgiven members all rushed out to stop the threat, while Lord Deathstrike used the diversion as a means to make his move. Taking out Inka, Psylocke, Storm, and Raizo Kodo, Jubilee was left alone to handle the highly-skilled assasin by herself. Insisting that she save her teammates, Jubilee met the man sword-to-sword, exchanging blows and dodging slashes while using her training from Wolverine and Raizo as her aide. Realizing that she could not best him at the blade, Jubilee took matters into her own hands. She threw a chair at him, vaulted over his head with her gymnastic prowess, and covered his face with her trenchcoat. After giving him a swift boot to his rear end, Jubilee dove after him, impaling herself on his blade in order to make sure he could not decapitate her. Berating the adversary with trademark smart-talk, Jubilee gave Lord Deathstrike a headbutt and two powerful punches, knocking him out. After pulling the sword out of her body, she attempted to bite into his neck, but was stopped short by both Storm and Raizo. Understanding that this would ruin her attempts to save her humanity, Jubilee let him go. Thwarted, Lord Deathstrike bowed in respect to Jubilee and then vanished away while phasing through a wall.

After the X-Men and Forgiven had reunited, Jubilee and Storm agreed that she still could learn more from Raizo Kodo and his group of friendly vampires. Bidding farewell to her long-time friends in the X-Men, Jubilee returned to the ranks of the Forgiven, knowing full-well by that she always has a place with the X-Men. She later attends Northstar's wedding, spending some more time with X-23.

Women of the Atom

Jubilee rescued an orphan baby boy that was found amidst the wreckage of a crashed meteor sight in Bulgaria. Taking care of him for several weeks, she continuously evaded the entity known as John Sublime. Fearing that the boy could be in danger, she sought out her friends, The X-Men, and headed back to the Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning. Still in pursuit, Sublime targeted Jubilation in order to stop the baby, as his twin sister bacteria had been using the infant as a carrier in order to possess and control technology on earth.

Rogue, Kitty, and Storm intercepted Jubilee on a train heading home, and were surprised to see that she brought with her a little baby boy. Explaining that she was his adoptive mother of sorts due to rescuing him, Jubilee's intentions were to bring him to the X-Men just as she was once taken in by them when she was an orphan. During their conversation on the train, the baby touched a speaker, in which Sublime's sister used to short out the controls of the train and switch it to another track. With collision into an oncoming train being imminent, the women had to act fast. As Jubilee protected the baby and Storm cleared out civilians from the first three cars in the train, Rogue and Kitty managed to stop the train from getting crashed into. Meanwhile, John Sublime had made his way to the Jean Grey Institute, and had surrendered himself to both Psylocke and Rachel Grey. Explaining that his sister had come to earth to cause catastrophic destruction, he intended to warn the X-Men of earth's impending doom.

As Jubilee and her fellow X-Men arrived safely back at the Institute, Kitty took her to a dorm so that she and the baby could rest. Kitty also gave Jubilee a cell phone with contacts of all of the teachers at the academy. When Jubilee's baby touched the phone, Sublime's sister that was carried on the infant used the device to contact Hank McCoy's lab and ultimately possess the body of Omega Sentinel.

Sublime's sister Arkea possessed Karima, the Omega Sentinel. When approached by Beast, she not only attacked him, but used her technology powers to prompt the security protocols in the institute. With the school on lockdown, the X-Men, along with John Sublime, began to take action. Rogue, Beast, and Kitty all battled Arkea until she blasted an exit and escaped the school. Realizing how powerful and dangerous she had become, Storm gathered together Rachel Grey, Psylocke, Rogue, and Sublime to travel via X-Jet and take her down. Jubilee, with the infant in tow, talked Storm into letting her join the mission... as she and the baby were both involved in the incident.

While aboard the X-Jet, John Sublime apologized to Jubilee about scaring her earlier. He explained that the baby, whom Jubilee has named Shogo, was a carrier of his sister Arkea. Upon leaving Shogo's body, the baby's life had shut down and he would now restart as a baby boy with an entirely new personality and sense of self. Saying that her son would need her when he awoke, Jubilee contemplated Sublime's words and the likelihood that she is now the closest thing to Shogo's mother.

Jubilee and Shogo accompanied the X-Men and Sublime in their tracking of Arkea. Knowing that the confrontation would be too risky to involve the baby, Jubilee stayed behind with him in a van, and monitored the area via tablet. Playing the role of the team's intel and recon, Jubilee informed Storm that the upper two levels in the building Arkea was located in was full of blind spots to look out for. As the X-Men and Sublime handled the Arkea situation, Jubilee made sure that Shogo did not have any living relatives by looking him up in a database. After Arkea had been thwarted, for the time being, the X-Women returned to the van with Karima. Jubilee mentioned that the baby is 100% hers to be adopted, calling him Shogo Lee.


As a Mutant


Pyrokinesis: As a mutant, Jubilee generated brightly colored bursts of plasma energy which she could fire from her hands as balls, streams, or any other shape. They went wherever Jubilee desired, and exploded at her command. She could also absorb the plasma energy back into her body without harm. A point of interest about Jubilee's powers is that she could control the effect that they had on her desired targets. These power effects have been shown to blind and emit concussive force, burn and scald skin, detonate and disintegrate solid objects, and also shatter solid metal objects such as locks and bolts. Jubilee also possessed the ability to detonate matter at a sub-atomic level, essentially making her a walking atomic bomb.

According to Emma Frost, Jubilee was one of the most powerful mutants she had ever encountered, but noted that her fear of harming others kept her from using those powers to their full potential.

Jubilee was also undetectable by Sentinels and their mutant tracking equipment, as well as by telepaths such as Psylocke. The true nature and extent of this power are still a mystery.

Due to the events of M-Day, Jubilee lost her mutant abilities. She is a capable and agile hand to hand combatant.

As Wondra

  • Superhuman Strength: Jubilee possessed a variation of the Wizard's Wonder Gloves. The micro-circuits lining the gauntlets were designed to use gravitational waves for the purpose of increasing her strength to superhuman levels.
  • Force Field: The gloves were capable of generating a powerful electromagnetic force field around her. While within this field, Jubilee was highly resistant to physical injury. The field enabled her to withstand high caliber bullets, powerful impact forces, temperature extremes, and energy blasts without sustaining injury.
  • Flight: Jubilee had some of the Wizard's anti-gravity technology built into her costume. She could propel herself through the air at great speeds, able to reach velocities of at least 100 miles per hour and still breathe comfortably.
  • Ghost Mode: Jubilee's costume also had what she referred to as a "ghost mode". In this mode, Jubilee became intangible and could pass through any substance.

As a Vampire

(In the aftermath of the 'Curse of the Mutants,' Jubilee has been transformed into a vampire. )

As a Vampire

Immortality: Jubilee is undead, and is therefore immortal. Unless she somehow becomes human again, a wooden stake to her heart, a beheading, or unprotected exposure to sunlight would be some of the major ways to destroy her.

Infectious Bite: Like all other vampires, Jubilee's powers enable her to turn other humans and mutants into vampires with a mere blood-drawing bite. Her teeth can turn into razor-sharp fangs to better enable her to draw blood.

Vulnerability to Sunlight: Although sunlight can generally harm or kill vampires, Jubilee was undergoing treatment that utilizes the healing factor in Wolverine's blood. This allowed her to be outside at times when the sun is out, but not too intense. Since joining the Forgiven, Jubilee has used a protective amulet that protected her from ill effects of sunlight.

Superhuman Strength: Jubilee now possesses a great level of strength. She is able to leg press Rockslide and can easily lift large boulders and motorcycles over her head. She can also crush metal locks with just one hand and decapitate with her bare hands.

Super Speed: As a vampire, Jubilee now also has greatly enhanced speed. She was shown catching up to Pixie mere seconds after the latter teleported a good distance away. She is also extremely agile, and can easily outmaneuver Wolverine.

Durability: Jubilee is extremely tough and durable and it takes a lot to harm her physically. She can survive being dropped from great heights and take powerful punches and impacts with ease.

Immunity: Jubilee is seemingly immune to the modified "trigger scent", based on the one Weapon X used to control X-23, that causes berserker rage in normal humans as well as mutants.

Healing Factor: Due to the fact that Jubilee drinks bottles of Wolverine's blood, she has inherited his healing factor.This speeds up the healing process of any damage that she takes.

Mist Form: Jubilee has the ability to 'decorporealize,' or turn herself into a form of mist. This allows her to escape possible injury and also travel about while being intangible. The extents of this power are not yet determined. According to Emma Frost, Jubilee could have this 'mist form' either from her vampire gifts, being a former mutant, drinking Wolverine's blood, or just being that darn special. However, she has no control over it.

Other Abilities and Fighting Style

During her childhood, Jubilee studied at Beverly Hills Prep, excelling in gymnastics. Under the training of Wolverine, the X-Men, and Generation X, Jubilee also honed her skills in hand-to-hand combat, stealth, agility and investigative techniques. Even as a young teenager, she was able to defend herself and survive a confrontation with the Hand... a feared group of ninja assassins. She often utilizes her acrobatics while operating as a superhero. Combined now with her vampire speed and reflexes, Jubilee's fighting style resembles and utilizes a mixture of gymnastics and martial arts. Jubilee is trained and experienced in First Aid and CPR, having saved the life of a teammate and even an enemy on more than one occasion.

From the time spent living on her own as a minor, Jubilee is a talented thief, experienced in pick-pocketing and lock-picking. She also excels at rollerblading and skateboarding.

Jubilee also possesses some understanding of the inner workings of mechanics and electronics thanks to teachings by Forge.

Jubilee has shown talent in the art of swordsmanship, mentioning that she has had training from both Wolverine as well as Raizo Kodo, a samurai vampire. Her skills are competent enough to defend herself and pose a threat to Lord Deathstrike, an expert assasin and swordsman.

Jubilee was trained both by Professor X and by Emma Frost to shield her mind from telepaths.

During her time with the X-Men, Jubilee was trained to pilot the Blackbird.

Jubilee's a talented artist, complimented about it once by Terror, Inc who was using an artist's eye at the moment.


Jubilation Lee

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 115 lbs

Eyes: Brown, Red (vampire)

Hair: Black

Relatives: Mr & Mrs Lee (parents, deceased), Hope (paternal aunt, thought to be deceased) Shogo Lee (adopted son)

Citizenship: American

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Superhero, adoptive mother, adventurer, student, former student counselor, actress, street performer, thief, ex-mutant clinic assistant, former X-Corporation employee

Education: Various courses at the Xavier Institute, the Massachusetts Academy, Payton-Noble High School, and Beverly Hills Prep School

Alternate Realities

Earth-295 - Age of Apocalypse

Earth-295 Age of Apolcaypse

During the Age of Apocalypse, Jubilee was a member of Gambit's team of renegade mutants known as the X-Ternals. Her powers remained generally the same as her main counterpart of that time, with the exception that she was more willing to use her fireworks at a powerful and dangerous level, knowing about her ability to cause subatomic detonation and able to control it. In one instance, she detonated the cloaks of the Madri's armor in order to knock them unconscious. She was also stated to have the potential to destroy whole city blocks with her powers in this universe.

Earth-1610 - Ultimate

In the Ultimate Universe, Jubilee is a member of the Canadian team of superheroes known as Alpha Flight. Unlike the 616 Main Universe, the Ultimate version of Jubilee still has her mutant powers of light-energy manipulation, although the extent of her power is still unknown. This version of Jubilee is a big fan of the X-Woman known as Dazzler, and even sports a t-shirt for Dazzler's band to show her support.

Earth-1610 Ultimate

She is also considered the voice of reason for her team, Alpha Flight. She confronted Vindicator and the rest of her teammates regarding their abuse of the drug known as Banshee, which is taken to enhance mutant powers. She felt that they were overstepping their boundaries as mutants and superheroes. Angered by her accusations against the team, an enraged Vindicator broke one of her fingers, claiming that Jubilee didn't need it to use her fireworks anyways.

Later, during the Ultimatum storyline, Jubilee along with other members of Alpha Flight tried to protect Vindicator from Rogue's attack, but was overpowered and defeated.

Earth-58163 - House Of M

Earth-58163 House of M

The House of M version of Jubilee was different than the 616 counterpart in many ways. She was a rich socialite teenage girl, whose parents were still alive at the time, unlike the Jubilation Lee of the main universe. Her best friend was Sooraya, also known as Dust. They were both referred to as the 'shallow twins' and their main interests seemed to be the mall, fashion and boys. During a fight Dust had with Jubilee (enraged by the pheromones Wallflower sent her way to make Dust want to kill Jubilee), Dust denounced Jubilee, saying 'You claim to be my friend, but look at me, I'm a JOKE! I remember my life before I came to America, I had faith, I had MORALS' to which Jubilee (unaffected by the pheromones at the time) replied 'I helped you fit in' which is when Dust started using her powers against Jubilee and Dust exclaimed 'Fit in? You made me PATHETIC, a shallow mall rat like YOU, I'll KILL you!' Wallflower was killed by Mercury which ended the fight and Dust begged Jubilee for forgiveness. She was a member of the New Mutants training team. She lost her powers after the events of House of M. It is important to note that this Jubilee has still kept her trademark compassion and love for her friends, although she was more willing to use her powers at a forceful potential towards enemies.

Earth-1191 - Days of Future Past

Earth-1191 Days of Future Past

In Days of Future Past, an adult Jubilee was one of the last X-Men still alive and at large. Thanks to dampening tech designed by the Beast, she posed as a human and lived together with her lover, Synch, and the mutant Leech in the ruins of Hollywood, California. Jubilee avoided being placed in the mutant detention camps with the other X-Men only by sitting out on the raid that got them captured, and had been wrought with guilt ever since. She worked off some of it first by helping an amnesiac Wolverine to regain his memory and then worked together with him and Magneto to stop the Hellfire Club’s mad plans for the world. Eventually, she helped found a small group of rebels based on a private island owned by Emma Frost. The final fate of this grouping was never revealed, though with Magneto ending up in detention as well and Logan working alone when he freed his former comrades, it seems that the rebels were either dead or captured too.

Earth-1298 - Mutant X

Earth-982 MC2

Jubilee was the leader of the villain group known as the Marauders. Her teammates constantly bickering with each other, Jubilee had trouble getting them to obey her commands. She was also concerned about the wrath of their mysterious employer, who wanted the Marauders to steal a huge box for him. When Bloodstorm fought the group over the box, Jubilee was seriously hurt and had to be carried away by her teammates when they escaped into the Morlock tunnels. Their fate remains unclear.

Earth-982 - MC2

In the MC2 universe, an aged Jubilee took on the role of leader to the X-People. She was also a reserve member of the Avengers, and featured the same power set as her main universe counterpart. Jubilee helped train the Dream Team and appeared several times to assist Spider-Girl and Wild Thing.


In an alternate future, after a thirty-year war on mutantkind, Jubilee stands as one of the last four mutants remaining.

Earth-161- X-Men: Forever

Jubilee was part of the X -Men team that was sent to rescue Wolverine and Jean Grey from the Hand but is no longer part of the team. It's unknown where she is now but it is presumed she is with Generation X.

Other Media


Generation X Movie

Generation X

Heather McComb played the role of Jubilee in FOX's adaptation of Generation X. Jubilee is a new recruit of the Generation X team and is mentored by Banshee and Emma Frost. They fight a mad scientist who wants to gain psychic powers. Jubilee shows characteristics of being intelligent and curious. Like her other versions, she also loves video games. However, this version of Jubilee does not feature her Asian descent unlike in the comic books where she is shown as a Chinese-American mutant. It is possible that the original character in this film was intended to be more like Dazzler or Boomer, who have powers similar to hers, and were not Asian.

As the villain Russel Tresh finishes his studies about telepathy, he uses this ability to force Jubilee to lose control of her powers while playing a game in an amusement center. Unintentionally, her powers flare up while playing, which shocks the people there. She is then arrested by the guards for being an unregistered mutant. She runs but the guards capture her. Her mother then arrives at the police station and is shocked to discover her daughter's mutantcy.

Emma and Banshee then appear after receiving a signal from Cerebro. They see Mrs. Lee outside and convince her to admit her daughter to their school for her own safety. The two infiltrate the police station by using Emma's telepathic disguise and are able to save Jubilee. At first, she doubts if the two are trustworthy but after their revelation that her mother gave them the permission to take her to the Institute, she accompanies them.

Emma and Sean introduce her to Angelo. During their first days in the Institute, they have a hard time being friends with their fellow students, except for Buff (a character created solely for this movie) who welcomes them whole-heartedly. Jubilee shares a room with Buff and M. Jubilee soon discovers Buff's secret: that she won't let anyone see her change clothes because of her uncontrollable muscles. She also experiences M's arrogance as she introduces herself to Jubilee and boasts that she is a mutant with very exceptional abilities. During their class with Emma, they are thought to have the power of telepathy, in which she and Angelo become active.

One day the team is granted permission to leave the Institute on a field trip. When Skin's affection toward a girl causes him to be bullied, Jubilee is about to use her powers in public but M stops her. Skin and Jubilee then secretly use the "dream machine" constructed by Emma, giving Jubilee the ability to enter her parents' dream. Russel Tresh then appears in the dream and scares her. While Jubilee tells Angelo that she doesn't think it's a good idea to use the machine, Skin enters the dream dimension in order to visit the dreams of Kayla, the girl that he met during the field trip. Russel Tresh appears once again and uses his subliminal technique to make the girl want to go on a date with Skin, in order to make the young mutant trust him. That very moment policemen disconnect Tresh's body from the dream machine, trapping his mind in the dream dimension. Shocked by the severing of the mindlink, Tresh almost collapses into the abyss, but he's rescued by Skin.

Later, Skin's date with Kayla results in a fight between her friends who don't approve Skin's attention and Generation X. When Emma Frost tells Mondo that has to leave the school, since he used his powers during the fight, Jubilee and the other mutant students claim that if one of them is to be expelled, then all of them should be, too, because they all acted together to help one of their own.

Skin is then tricked by Tresh into helping him to reunite Tresh's body and mind. After regaining the use of his body, Tresh captures Skin and reveals that he's going to dissect Skin in order to study his brain. Using Emma's telepathic training, Skin manages to project himself to Jubilee. Using her powers, Emma Frost is able to move Tresh's laboratory to the dream dimension, letting the Generation X ambush him. After a short fight Tresh manifests mutant powers, revealing that all the time he spent visiting the dream dimension caused mutation inside him. When Emma attempts to commit suicide to defeat Tresh, Skin intervenes to defeat the mad scientist, grabbing Tresh with his extra skin which results in both of them falling down into the abyss of the dream dimension together. Jubilee attempts to follow him, but Banshee stops her, and then Angelo reappears, using his powers to elongate his hands and to pull himself up from the abyss. After the defeat of Tresh, the team returns to the Institute.

X-Men (2000)

Jubilee's cameo

In this movie Jubilee has a couple of very brief cameo appearances. She can be seen in both Professor Xavier's and Storm's classes. There is also a deleted scene in which Jubilee is featured talking to Shadowcat and Rogue. She's played by Katrina Florence.

X2 : X-Men United (2003)

Kea Wong as Jubilee

A deleted scene from this movie, offered as an extra scene on the DVD release, shows Jubilee at the museum, where she is shown looking at a board when blue electricity crackles around her fingers, this gives a brief idea to what her powers actually are. Jubilee is also among the six kidnapped young mutants that Storm and Nightcrawler rescue from Stryker. She can be heard calling Storm's name and is shown running to safety with the X-Men and can later be seen aboard the Blackbird. She also appears in the final classroom scene and briefly talks to Professor Xavier. She's played by Kea Wong.

X-Men : The Last Stand (2006)

X-men: The Last Stand

Jubilee is shown to appear within the first ten minutes of the film, and can be seen sitting in the classroom. Her appearance in this film is much more limited than that of the other two. She's still played by Kea Wong.

X-Men: Apocalypse

Lana Condor as Jubilee

A new version of Jubilee will appear in the film, which takes place in the new timeline created at the end of X-Men: Days of Future Past. She will be portrayed by Lana Condor.


X-Men: The Animated Series

X-Men: The Animated Series

In this series Jubilee was a main character, and starred in almost all of the episodes throughout the many seasons it aired. She also retained her surrogate daughter/father relationship with Wolverine who was still shown to dote on her in his own gruff way; in one episode, Logan was even shown teaching Jubilee how to drive. Her powers in this series is displayed as colorful blasts of energy and light rather than globules of plasma like the comic version. By the fifth season, her hair has grown out longer to where she looks like herself in the comics of Generation X. She was voiced by Alyson Court.

Spider-Man : The Animated Series

Spider-Man: The Animated Serie

She appeared in the episodes "The Mutant Agenda" and "Mutants Revenge", in these episodes she appeared along with the rest of the X-Men for the series. Jubilee showed friendly attitude towards Spider-Man, and later she was part of the team that helped Spider-Man defeat the insane, mutated Herbert Landon.

X-Men : Evolution

X-Men: Evolution

Jubilee also appeared in this series as one of the New Mutants. Unlike the 616 comic books and the 90's animated series, in this universe Jubilee's parents were alive. She mostly hung around the other New Mutants, mostly Iceman, Berserker, and Cannonball. Their activities mostly involved pranking and joyriding, which nearly resulted in a catastrophe when the young mutants borrowed the X-Jet for a joyride. As a nod to the original character, this incarnation of Jubilee always wore a yellow jacket when out of uniform. She left the X-Men when mutants were exposed to the real world. During Professor X's vision of the X-Men's future, she was shown training with Magneto and the other New Mutants. In this series Jubilee is voiced by Chiara Zanni.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Jubilee is referenced in the episode "Exclusive", where a Daily Bugle news ticker states that she may be pursuing a pop music career.


X-Men Legends

X-Men Legends

In X-Men Legends, Jubilee is first seen after the second mission outside by the mansion. When Magma was speaking to her, Jubilee says that she wanted to be called Rogue, but that name was already taken. She also refers to her powers as balls of light that can explode rather than plasma. While talking with Magma, she would often play small jokes to her by saying that she was the gardener (which of course isn't true). After you have spoken to Jubilee, she is available as a playable character. She was one of the two characters that could charge objects causing them to detonate. Jubilee's three powers are Energy Burst, Photon Flash, and Bait. Her extreme attack is called Independence Day, in which she throws several fireworks into the air and they rain down onto the screen violently exploding. She is voiced by Danica McKellar.

Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of superheroes


Jubilee is an assist for the playable characters and uses her fireworks to aid the player. She is voiced by Alyson Court.


Jubilee appeared briefly in Wolverine video game developed by Software Creations. She's one of the helper characters, providing Wolverine with a breathing mask to help with an underwater level.

War of Heroes

War of Heroes

Jubilee is playable in several cards in this mobile game. Her cards so far are:

  • [Mall Rat] Jubilee
  • [Mutant Curse] Jubilee
  • [Adoptive Mother] Jubilee

X-men: Battle of The Atom

X-men: Battle of the Atom

Jubilee is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards are:

  • Jubilee
  • [Wolverine] Jubilee
  • [Battle of the Atom] Jubilee
  • [Blue Team] Jubilee
  • [X-Ternals] Jubilee
  • [Blue Team] X-Men
  • [JGS Alpha] Jubilee
  • [Future] X-Men


Bishoujo Jubilee
  • Jubilee received a figure in Toy Biz's Generation X line.
  • Jubilee received several other figures in Toy Biz's various X-Men lines of the 90's, such as the one for the animated series.
  • A 3.75 inch Jubilee figure was released for Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.
  • A six inch Jubilee figure was the subject of one Hasbro's "Build-a-Figure" waves for the Marvel Legends line. The figure could be completed after buying four figures (Cyclops, Storm, Stryfe and Magneto).
  • Kotobukiya released a Jubilee statue for the company's Bishoujo line.

Tabletop games

Jubilee was featured in all four incarnations of Marvel tabletop games - Marvel Superheroes RPG, Marvel Superheroes Adventure Game, Marvel Universe, and Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (as Wondra). Her MSH stats were presented in the Uncanny X-Men Roster Book, noting that "her speech is pure California mall dialect, and anyone talking to her may need a translator".

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