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I don't know how many people have availed themselves of Marvel's Digital Library but I think its a pretty good service. Its biggest problem is that I wish we had access to pretty much everything Marvel ever published and its far from being that complete. To that end, I'm trying to enlist some help. I've always been curious about the origins of the very oldest characters in Marvel and there are none older than Jim Hammond - the Human Torch. Thankfully Marvel Digital does have the first 15 issues of Marvel Mystery Comics. I'm hoping to start a campaign to get them to upload more. I realize that some golden age books may not be digitized yet which is why I'm only asking for them to put up those books that have been reprinted in the last few years since those definitely exist in a digital format. Marvel has shown itself to listen when enough people ask them to upload a certain book. So anyone else who would like to see this I ask to e-mail onlinesupport@marvel.comand tell them that you want to see:

Marvel Mystery Comics 16-24 (every issue features the original Human Torch)

Hopefully if enough people ask for it we'll get the books.

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