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Mon Journal's Janus Stark presented French translations of a number of British and Italian adventure strips. Each issue of Janus Stark was split into three stories, each reprinting as many as thirty-five pages of foreign material. Since British strips tended to average at no more than three pages per episode, this meant that the French reprints burned through the equivalent of up to twelve U.K. episodes per issue, and as a result most back up strips didn't last beyond a few issues, though Adam Eterno, Buster's Leopard From Lime Street and Speed / Tiger's Death Wish proved exceptions, as each had lengthy U.K. runs available to translate. However, Stark himself proved so popular that when Mon Journal ran out of existing stories from the English titles Stark had appeared in after 36 issues they hired the creators to produce new Janus Stark adventures for them. In issue 89 the series ended and the next issue a run of reprints of earlier Janus Stark adventures began, ending with issue 125. For the final ten issues of the series Janus Stark no longer appeared in the series, despite his name providing the title; instead Mandrake the Magician became the lead feature. The comic ended with issue 135.

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