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Hiroshi is one of two yakuza members to end up Gantz after a shootout with rivals. He arrives with his partner Kiyoshi and doesnt acknowledge any of the men in the room. Hiroshi remains silent until Kishimoto, a suicidal girl arrives in the room. All watch Hiroshi take the girl in the back. Masaru and Kei go to her rescue. Masaru is the most offensive and nearly chokes Hiroshi to death. Once the mission starts Hiroshi and Kiyoshi plan to leave. Hiroshi is secretly set to follow Kishimoto once the others go about their ways. Nishi gets everyone to remain by telling of prize money for killing the Onion Alien target. Hiroshi is all for it and joins in the hunt. He joins Kiyoshi, Inamori,and Masashi to assault a young alien that didnt wish to fight. Masaru tries to stop Hiroshi but was too late. A larger Onlon Alien arrives on the scene. Hiroshi tries to fight it but fails to do any harm. Hiroshi is caught in the alien's powerful grip. A fearful Masashi fires his X-gun and hits Hiroshi by accident. Hiroshi explodes and dies instantly.

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