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Hannah was a resident of Mutant Town, and the neighbor and friend of Mister M. She has a degree in social history and works for the North American Historical Review, a highly regarded journal. Her mutation is a prehensile tongue which helps her catch insects, the only thing she can digest.

Her friendship with Mr. M was strained after he told her his plans for Mutant Town: after seeing a premonitional painting of himself as a destroyer, he decided that the only way he could make a difference in Mutant Town was to obliterate all the sickness and corruption. He attempted to destroy the town but failed, distancing himself from Hanna.

After M-Day, Mutant Town was in chaos. Bishop and Ishmael Ortega tried to estimate the damage and found Hannah being attacked by a swarm of bugs. She used to eat bugs as a part of her mutant power, and she believed that they were coming back for revenge. This caused her to become mentally unstable. They brought her to the hospital, where she was visited by Mr. M who used his near-godlike powers to restore her mental state. She then suggested that he go to the Xavier Institute, which he agreed to.

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