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Hakon and his brother Otny are two wolf gods and the sons of the mighty Fenris. Hakon and his brother disguise themselves as two human warriors when they come across Vidar Odinson as he travels to Jotunheim with Thor and Hoder. Vidar is alone on horseback when he comes across the two brothers and tells them he seeks out the storm giants that slayed his wife. Otny tells Vidar that they should join forces and the son of Odin agrees. The two brothers lead Vidar deep into the forest and reveal their true wolf god forms. Hakon  and Otny appear as two giant werewolves that guard the hills against the enemies of Jotunheim. Otny draws blood when he slashes Vidar's arm but the warrior fends the wolf gods off with his enchanted staff. Hakon loses some teeth in the fight so he retreats away with his brother. Vidar continues his travel when Thor and Hoder arrive.  The current whereabouts of Hakon is unknown.   


Hakon was created by Alan Zelenetz and Bob Budiansky in 1984 and first appeared in Thor Annual # 12.  

Powers & Abilities

Hakon is a wolf god and son of the mighty Fenris. Hakon can disguise himself as a regular mortal and reveal his true werewolf form at any time. Hakon is massive in stature and the size of a storm giant. Hakon has razor sharp claws and fangs to maul his enemies. Hakon has superhuman strength, durability, resistance to injury and heightened senses.

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