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General Lupus is the General of the Dogs of War, and leads his men well. He is usually the first out into unknown worlds, accompanied by his men.

General Lupus aided Doberlord in his attempt to conquer Third Earth and the Thundercats. He had a special part to play, however. After wounding Mumm-Ra, Lupus, using a Holographic Transmogrifier, made himself appear as Mumm-Ra when the Thundercats contacted him for a temporary alliance. He used the transmogrifier to make it seem he had magic powers like Mumm-Ra, disguising everyone else as Dogs of War (except Lion-O, as he was posing as a prisoner) and he revealing his true identity. They were betrayed by Jackalman, who made a deal with the Dogs of War. Lupus disabled the others' disguises and put up his own, making it look like Mumm-Ra and Jackalman betrayed them, when it was only Jackalman. The Thundercats were then imprisoned. Lupus is killed by Doberlord with an electrified trident.

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