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I would say Spider-man because of his experience and intellect.

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Yeah, Spidie's got the experience going for him. Plus Toxin has Patrick Mulligan's family issues to deal with. 

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Toxin beat Venom and Carnage i think he can take Spidie even if he has the Venom symbiote

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Spidey wins... but Toxin will test him HARD
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toxin beat both carnage and venom,toxin wins

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Well, Spidey has the Symbiote suit, while Toxin is Carnage and Venom. Spidey normally has trouble with venom, even though he has the Symbiote suit, it's basically two symbiotes against one. Spidey definitely has a chance, but I gotta go with Toxin.

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Toxins beats the tar out of Petey.

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@BringnIt said:

Toxins beats the tar out of Petey.
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Toxin stomps.

@spidey209 said:

toxin beat both carnage and venom,toxin wins

He did no such thing.

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@venomoushatred1001: Your right he didnt. I was upset when I re read the Issue.

Toxin did beat Carnage 3 Times, Wrecker and Excavator at the Same time, The Answere, King Cobra, and the pathetic Razor Fist.

As a confrimed 90 Tonner he should beat the tar out of Spidey with ease.

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Bump! I say Spiderman beats Toxin due to experience and he's not pushover either.

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Spider-man , the symbiote makes him really strong .

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@dondave said:


If Spider-Man was to wear the Symbiote now, then yes. If the original Symbiote Suit then no.