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Location of the Battle: 
> Elimination via Death. 
> Both are out of character. 
> Starting distance: 19 Feet Apart. 
> Classic versions apply. 
Who wins this fight?
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Puma's probably gonna have a hard time trying to hurt Tombstone. He could always go for the eyes, but he'll have to get in close to do that..

This is good one for right now tho, I'll take Tombstone.

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Good point.   
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I'm sure there's a crowbar somewhere on site. Puma wins. (never gets Old)

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Puma is going to wreck Tombstone.

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from rip apart to wreck.

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@_slim_: Well, I didn't want that opening up a debate about Puma's claws vs Tombstone's skin. Puma has the strength required to harm Tombstone and that's what matters. On top of that, he's superior when it comes to speed.

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@k4tzm4n: I was just messing around, noticing that I caught your edit. lol. But you bring up valid points.

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Classic Tombstone didn't even have Super Strength. When he did, Spider-Man still one-shotted him. Puma FTW.

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puma is physically superior except for durability