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Mom and Dad are fighting again... This might be a one shot encounter if Emma can simply distract him and take over his mind. The thing is, I've read that it's a psionic shield that protects him from his own beams, so I'm wondering if that would help him any. If he get's the drop on her though, she has to go on the defensive with her diamond form, meaning non psychic abilities, and I'm pretty sure his blast can break diamond. The scenario is in the midst of an all out war between the X-Men and the Hellfire Club, prior to their relationship. Morals are on. What do y'all think?

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Scott has excellent mental defenses but because of training, a lot of experience in dealing with it and strength of will not because of inherent ability but regardless if Emma has her telepathy she wins in a stomp.

She is incredibly familiar with Scotts mind and was able to take down an incredibly powerful hive mind Sinister when she found out he based part of his mind on Scotts.

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I think he can put up a decent fight against her telepathy if he is aware they will be fighting, considering who his surrogate father and ex-wife are. He could just hide and protect his mind behind that black box Jean put in his head that Emmas telepathy has no affect on. If she goes for the psi blast and not any other unnecessary telepathic method she can win easy.

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Emma Frost

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@fire_ant: He can't break her diamond form. Her diamond form isn't regular diamond to begin with.

Emma takes majority here with her telepathy. She has ways around his defenses anyway.

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Emma can just go diamond form and beat the crap out of him. He can't hurt her when she's like that and she can punch him all day.

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Emma can just go diamond form and beat the crap out of him. He can't hurt her when she's like that and she can punch him all day.

Or he can just BFR her with a blast. He's done it to people before.

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@god_spawn: I don't think his blast would phase her/launch her nearly enough to BFR her and she could, generally, just come back. It can't really be BFR if she can come back.

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@dredeuced: If she's out of the vicinity, it constitutes as BFR. And yes, he can blast her far enough.

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@god_spawn: I always thought the stipulation behind BFR was that you remove them from the area and they can't return in a reasonable time to conclude the fight? I mean it's not like battles are Sumo wrestling where you lose if you step out of the ring and Emma's tanked Cyclops' blasts pretty well before.

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cyclops is no match for emma's cleavage

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@dredeuced: I've always considered it more like a 10 count type deal, same like incapacitation. Just at least down a person long enough so they can't fight back. He can't KO her in diamond form, but he has blasted her around before, and given the right angle and force, he can launch her a few hundred feet. I've seen Scott do it to Wolverine before and Logan isn't as heavy as Emma, but isn't so far apart, but with Scott's power output, bouncing a shot off the ground to juggle her then getting a clean shot to BFR her is definitely possible. She's not just gonna walk through his blasts by anymeans anyways.

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@dredeuced: Nvm on the BFR idea. I just realized that even if he does blast her away, she can just revert back and telepathically assault him from wherever she lands. Unless the OP is willing to take said BFR as a victory, that doesn't stop her offense since she's assaulted people half away across the globe before.

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@god_spawn: Yeah see, that's where we differ. I always thought effective BFR for Battles purposes should mean it would take them a seriously long time to get back to re establish the fight, like more than a day. Harmlessly sending them a distance they can walk back in a couple of minutes doesn't strike me as winning a fight.

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@dredeuced: Meh, whatevs. We can agree to disagree on that then.

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Can see it go either way.

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It doesn't take 5 seconds to KO cyclops

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@god_spawn: For the purposes of this battle, (and most others I'd post) The point is to neutralize your opponent. Dismiss them to another plane, throw them into space, trap them in the ocean, or knock them far enough away that they're no longer a threat. However, if she can attack psionically from across the globe, I'd say Cyclops is not capable of knocking her so far away that he is out of her attack range. Is it agreed that it is impossible for him to knock out or incapacitate her in "diamond" form?

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@fire_ant: That depends on the setting. He can't KO her, but if they are like in a city area, he can bury her under a building or rubble. Or he has blasted large holes on the ground before, so doing that then blasting the wall of the interior of said hole to bury her would incapacitate her since she isn't strong enough to get out by herself and most likely wouldn't switch into diamond form without the possibility of being crushed.

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With access to her Telepathy I see Emma winning this more times than not. She can use her TP faster than Cyke can get off an optic blast.

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Emma with ease.