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Having been challenged to read 5,000 comics at one time on a bet, the unknown man suffered brain damage and immediately appeared afterwards as The Flaming Carrot. The Flaming Carrot's costume consists of a giant carrot for a mask, with a perpetually burning flame atop the head. In the mask, The Flaming Carrot has been known to store a few items, most notably a nuclear powered pogo stick. The Flaming Carrot usually wears a white shirt, red pants, and flippers on his feet. He says he wears the flippers in the event he has to swim.

The Flaming Carrot also employs a few other non-essential items which he somehow manages to make into weapons. He wears a utility belt, not unlike Batman. However, in the utility belt, he uses items such as sneezing powder, silly putty, cards, and a soap bubble pipe. He has also used plungers to assist him in climbing walls. Additionally, The Flaming Carrot is not above using firearms against villains.

The Flaming Carrot has encountered bizarre things, such as alien invasions, clones of Hitler's boots (which were self-ambulatory and tried to take over the world), and suffered amnesia. In one issue, the Flaming Carrot encountered burnt, flying dead dogs. The Flaming Carrot often spouts sayings, one-liners and other quotations that are highly inappropriate during battle and during routine happenings. His infamous phrase is "Ut!". Inexplicably, women seem to be attracted to him.

The Flaming Carrot helped found the group The Mystery Men. Members include The Shoveler, Mr. Furious, and other low-rung heroes. The Flaming Carrot has had crossover appearances with other comic book characters, most notably an obscure character named Herbie, but he also appeared with Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Raphael had suffered amnesia and decided to fight crime along with The Flaming Carrot in a different crime-fighting identity.

Publication History

The Flaming Carrot has been published by different publishers, from Aardvark-Vanaheim, Renegade Press, & Dark Horse. The Flaming Carrot didn't appear for a number of years, but Image has since published a few issues since 2005.

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