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This Issue:
The Question has a run-in with The Spectre which turns into a confrontation with the spirit of mercy.  Also, the Spear of Destiny falls into the hands of Vandal Savage.
The Story: 
This seems to be some pretty good stuff.  It's grim and gritty and sometimes it hits you like a freight train.  My only problem is that I don't know the back story here because I didn't catch the Crime Bible story that was a Countdown spinoff.  Is that where the backstory from this is?  Regardless, it's not hard to catch on to what's going on by reading this and the first issue.  That speaks volumes with publishers like DC and Marvel, if you plop in just enough backstory to make it friendly to new readers.  
The Art:
The art is pretty darn good.  It's beautiful to look at and it flows very well with the story and the tone that the writer is trying to set.  I was really taken with the splash of Batwoman that the Spectre showed the Question, that was great stuff.  The only problem I see is that it makes me feel like I'm looking at a mid-90's Image comic.
The Final Verdict: 
I'm liking this book, even though I don't know too much about the back story, I'm really interested in seeing where this all is going.  
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