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Eloise is an experimental Xenomorph android prototype created by Doctor Fred Lichtner at the Adullam Research Facility on planet Sybaris 503. As both android and Xenomorph morphology is largely based on silicon polymers, Dr. Lichtner sought to use this as a way to grow androids at a fraction of what it cost to construct them. By infecting a Xenomorph egg with a biological computer virus using leprosy spores as a protective carrier medium, Dr. Lichtner was able to delete and rewrite specific DNA chains, causing the egg to grow a humanoid android instead of a Xenomorph. Eloise wound up being an unexpected product of an early attempt at this.

Major Story Arcs


Eloise became a valuable asset to Dr. Lichtner in his studies of Xenomorphs, as well as his studies in dry leprosy and how the disease could somehow retard the final development stage of a Xenomorph embryo after it had been implanted in a human. Being part Xenomorph, Eloise had nothing to fear from the creatures and even began developing a bit of a telepathic bond with them. She dutifully cared for the impregnated lepers and their "children," becoming something of a mother figure to them.

Eloise & her brood.

After the research facility was bought by the Adelaide and Bombay Holdings Alliance however, a severely hostile takeover was enacted. Everyone at the facility was to be exterminated, save for Eloise who was deemed a worthwhile asset for the Alliance. Per her android nature, Eloise was at first willing to comply with her new Alliance masters, but when Xenomorphs and lepers began being killed, she started to feel their pain and her Xenomorph Queen DNA asserted itself. Slaughtering countless Alliance personnel, wound up leading both the surviving Xenomorphs and lepers against the Alliance. Emerging victorious, Eloise and her brood took the Alliance transport ship to find a home for themselves, leaving behind just enough Xenomorph eggs and Alliance personnel to give any further Alliance investigation teams a nasty surprise.


Eloise and her brood later settled on the planet LK176, after having been pursued from star system to system by Alliance teams. Their travels had unfortunately also attracted the attention of Predators who were highly intent on exterminating Eloise and her brood. When another Alliance team tracked Eloise to LK176 however, they found themselves met with both Predator opposition as well as Eloise's Xenomorph brood. In the end, Eloise led her Xenomorphs in an overwhelming victory over both the Alliance and Predator forces. She left one Alliance member alive though, to be sure to tell her superiors that any further actions against her brood would be a declaration of war, a war that the Alliance would never win.

Powers & Abilities

Eloise leading Aliens.

Eloise's hybrid nature grants her tremendous strength, speed, and agility - both from her android and Xenomorph nature. She has the cool logic of a machine, and the primal instincts of a Xenomorph, as well as their claws and acidic blood. Her Queen DNA allows her to form a telepathic bond with other Xenomorphs, making them subservient by instinct alone. She is also proficient in handling fire-arms as well as piloting space shuttles.

Due to her prototype nature, Eloise was never programmed with proper android behavioral inhibitors, making her able to disobey orders and assert her own will.

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